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Be enchanted. These handpicked Halloween tales of African deities and daemons, shamans and shape-shifters will keep you spellbound page after page.



  • Daemon Trapped by Bambo Deen

  • Finding Love in Betrayal by Fiske Nyirongo

  • Dream Seductor by Karo Oforofuo

  • Haunted by Kiru Taye

HAUNTED by Kiru Taye

In life, he loved her. In death, he craved her.

Somma is heartbroken when husband David is killed in a tragic accident. After a year she is struggling to move on, especially since she swears he haunts her dreams and does sexy stuff to her every night. When friends convince her to perform an exorcism, things take a turn she doesn’t expect.



EXCERPT from Haunted by Kiru Taye


"Yes, you look fabulous,” Fola who sat to Somma’s right on the sofa said, drawing Somma out of her thoughts. “I was saying at dinner that you are glowing.”

“Thank you,” Somma replied as her cheeks heated.

“You have to tell us your beauty secret.” Lade grinned at her. “Is it a fresh diet or a new makeup technique?”

Somma laughed and shifted in her seat. Usually,she would be happy to tell all about her love life. But she hesitated and took a sip of the refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say she was pregnant.” Fola had a weird smile on her face.

Somma nearly choked on her drink as it went down the wrong way. She broke into a coughing fit. Efe patted her back as the ladies expressed their concerns.

She eventually calmed down.

“I’m not pregnant, although I wish I were.” She lowered her voice. “Actually I’ve been feeling amazing the past few weeks. It’s like David is with me and he’s telling me to get on with my life. So I am.”

Omolade nodded. “Makes sense.”

Efe tilted her head to the side in a confused look. “What do you mean by David is with you?”

“He’s been visiting me in dreams.” She couldn’t possibly tell them that the dreams were becoming more vivid and she was struggling to differentiate between reality and illusions.

“You mean he’s haunting you,” Fola said with a frown.

“He’s not haunting me. He doesn’t do anything bad.” Not unless they classified sex as bad. “And it's just dreaming.”

“So what exactly does he do when he visits your dream?” Lade now looked more interested.

Somma’s cheeks flamed, and she picked up her drink and took a sip. “You know.”

“You’re having sex with a ghost!” Fola said with a shocked gasp.

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