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KILLER OF KINGS (Yadili Series #2)


Xandra is trained for one purpose—to execute her boss’s orders. Emotions have no place in her life, and she never questions the rights or wrongs of the decisions that send her to terminate lives again and again. Until one assignment draws unfamiliar emotions, and she is made to evaluate her loyalties.

Ebuka lives a quiet life, taking care of family and running his ranch. But when a stranger arrives in search of a job, his peaceful life takes an unexpected turn, and he is thrust into the world of corrupt lawmakers and deadly cartels.

In a world where loyalties shift at the speed of a bullet and betrayal abounds, falling in love is just a death wish.

Content warning: This book contains depictions of violence.


Steady footsteps echoed in the corridor behind Xandra. The hairs on her nape stood erect. Usually, she didn’t sit with her back to the door. She’d been relaxed in Ginika’s presence and had lowered her guard.

While the other woman was harmless, this new arrival was an unknown.

Xandra’s first instinct was to reach for the gun. She lifted a hand to pat her chest.

Damn. No hidden panels in this outfit. Unarmed, she was dressed like a farmhand, not an assassin.

Pulse accelerating, she twisted in the seat.

A tall man strode into the kitchen. He wore brown boots and blue-washed jeans, the muscles of his broad shoulders and chest filled out the light blue chambray shirt. His thick black hair was cut in a taper-fade, while dark bristles on his chin and thick brows framed caramel skin, scrutinising eyes as black as night, and full sensuous lips.

Recognition punched Xandra in the gut and her breath hitched.

He was the man in the dossier. Ebuka Njoku. Owner of Njoku Ranch and Farms.

Her target.

“Gigi, I didn’t know you had a guest,” he said in a deep commanding voice.

Feeling light-headed, a sizzle went down Xandra’s spine. Heat washed over her skin. The space in the kitchen seemed constricted, the air sucked out.

His piercing gaze unsettled her. Like he could see more than she projected. Like she was the prey.

It seemed she’d temporarily forgotten how to inhale and had to force the action.

Suddenly not wanting him standing over her, she straightened and shook out her shoulders. She wasn’t afraid of him. She was nobody’s prey.

Ginika waved her hand in Xan’s direction as she stood too. “Ebuka, this is Allie. She’s here for the farm job.”

“Nice to meet you, Allie, but have you worked on a ranch before?” He looked her over as if he didn’t believe she was suitable for the job. His direct approach matched his sister’s.

Back ramrod straight, Xandra held her breath, wondering if she passed the examination. Wanting his approval for more than one reason. She didn’t want to leave. Not now. Not until she found out more about this man.

“No,” she replied. “As I said to your sister, I can do whatever job you want me to do. I’m great with woodwork, and I don’t mind getting my hands dirty.”

He put his hands on his hips, exuding confidence and power. “Ranch work is back-breaking and has to be done no matter the weather outside. Are you sure you can cope with it?”

Xandra was petite, fit and toned. Anyone who mistook her appearance for weakness did so at their peril.

She stepped forward, extending her hand and met his gaze. “Why don’t you give me a trial, and if you’re not satisfied, you don’t have to hire me.”

He nodded, reaching out. “I’ll give you twenty-four hours to prove yourself.”

That was more than enough time to learn what she needed to do her job.

“Deal,” she said, accepting his firm callused hand.

An electric shock spiked up her arm. His eyes widened, indicating he felt it too. He didn’t pull away. Something unspoken passed between them and the rest of the room seemed to fade.

The man took her breath away. She understood physical attraction. But this?

Xandra should assess all the ways she could take his life. He was her mark.

Instead, she pictured him on top of her, stretching her as he filled her up, their sweat-slicked bodies sliding over each other in sync. Her nipples hardened, and her insides clenched.


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