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A FAMILY FIRST EXCERPT: Invested by Iris Bolling #99c #Romance #boxset

An excerpt from INVESTED by Iris Bolling

Part of the Family First limited edition box set (only 99 cents!)

Release: February 9, 2021

"I would prefer to have the man I trust, Myles Dunning. However, I will take Walker over Heather. Have you seen the other side of your sister in action?"

"I have."

"No, I don't think you have. Not to the extent of us girls who have gone out to clubs with her."

Myles smiled. "I know she can get a little wild."

Pleased to see him returning to the even tempered man she loved, Chrystina decided to keep his mood change going in the right direction.

"A little wild? Let me tell you something." She crossed her legs, her thick brown thighs peeking from the side of her skirt. "We're in a club. There is a long bar, at least twenty feet of drinks lined up from one end to the next. There is a man at the opposite end of the bar drinking, with a woman mind you. GraceHeather decides that's who she wants for the night. AnnieMarie and I are used to her antics, but this particular night she went all out." Chrystina decided to demonstrate his sister's actions, as Myles retook his seat to hear the story. "Now mind you we are at the beginning of the bar. Grace-Heather kicks off her heels, then uses the stool to climb onto the bar. She yells, 'Make way. This woman is after that man.' She points at the man who is at the bar with another woman. The sister sitting next to him glares at Grace-Heather. AnnieMarie and I are removing our jewelry because we know we are going to have to fight this woman. Did any of that stop her? Nooooo." Chrystina kicks her heels off allowing them to fling backwards, stood then walked to the side of Myles' desk. She sat his laptop on the floor. In one step she climbed onto the top of the desk. With hands on her hips she continues with the story as she acts it out. "Your sister struts down the bar, bare feet, walking over people's drinks until she reaches the man of her desires, for the night. She then kneels on the bar in front of him, cleavage all in the man's face and says,” Chrystina's lips were a mere breath away from Myles’, "have you ever felt the power of a Lamborghini going 200 miles per hour? The woman sitting next to the man goes, ‘well I never’. She turns to look at the woman and says ‘I believe you’. She then turns back to the man and asks…” Chrystina looks directly in Myles' eyes, then pursed her lips, "Do you want to ride?"

It wasn't planned. He had no thoughts of doing it. Myles found his hand cupping her face then took Chrystina's lips with a voracity he did not know existed. The moment their lips touched his world exploded. A possessiveness he could not explain took control. Every muscle in his body tensed as his heart rate spiked. His lips locked with hers. He pressed further causing her lips to part. His tongue plunged in between her lips. Exploring every corner, seeking all the sweetness she had to give. The world around him stopped. Frozen in the moment. The only thing existing was her. The way she laughed, the way she walked, the way she took care of him. It all flooded his mind as he took his fill of her sweetness. It wasn't enough, not for the day he’d had. Not for the lifetime of searching for this feeling. Not enough to relieve his testicles that were filling with need. Just not enough. He pulled her closer causing his chair to roll backwards.

What in the name of sweet Jesus was happening here? Chrystina's mind asked when it finally registered what she was doing. She was kissing Myles...again. Who made the first move she did not know, nor at the moment did she care. When his hand touched her face, the vessels in her body began humming. The sensations she felt a month ago were surfacing all over again. Then his lips touched hers and she could feel her nipples harden. It was the tongue exploring, touching every corner that caused her inner lips to moisten. She had no idea if this was right or wrong, but like before, she'd be damned if she would let this feeling go. Her body matched the rhythm of his tongue. Before she could think about what she was doing her hands grabbed his arms and she moved forward, closer to his body.

His chair moved back, tipping with the additional weight. The crash landing on the floor shook them apart.




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