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A shiver ran down her spine #SexySnippets #Erotic #Romance Kola

Welcome back to Sexy Snippets, which now has a new home over at thanks to the lovely Doris O'Connor. If you've been thinking of joining in, then please do. Just visit the link above and add the link to your post to the linky list.

I'm continuing with more snippets from from Kola. This time from Tari's POV.

We saw what Kola thought about Tari the last time. This time let's see what she thinks about him. *wink*

It is a little longer than seven sentences but I needed to keep the context. Enjoy the snippet.

"Let me do that for you."

The sexy, masculine voice sounded so close. So intimate. A shiver ran down her spine. She glanced over her shoulder at the man standing beside her. Her pulse skyrocketed.

Kola. Tall, dark, and hot in his tuxedo suit, the silk jacket stretched across wide chest and shoulders, the trousers hugging well-toned thigh muscles.

A throbbing began between her legs, matching the pulsing in her chest. Her gaze travelled up to his face. He stared at her with a bemused expression. Her cheeks heated. He'd caught her staring.

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