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All rational thought dissipated into the air #SexySnippets #eroticromance

Welcome back to Sexy Snippets, which has its home over at thanks to the lovely Doris O'Connor. If you've been thinking of joining in, then please do. Just visit the link above and add the link to your post to the linky list.

I'm sharing another sexy snippet from Freddie Entangled which is my latest release.

I've skipped along to the first kiss between Freddie and Kike.

Enjoy. ❤

All rational thought dissipated into the air. He pressed his body against hers and kissed her. She gasped in surprise, and he took advantage and thrust inside. His tongue darted in, tasted her, and he was lost. He devoured her mouth, hard and profound, just as hunger the kind he’d never known took hold of him.

She didn’t fight him. Instead, she moaned.


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You can also grab your copy.

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