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An update and a free ebook

Hi sweeties. Hope you're all hanging in there. Sending hugs to all my Naija people and beyond.

There are quite a few things going on. Keep reading to find out more.

I have a new Halloween story for you and it's exclusively FREE to all those who purchased a copy of the Enchanted: Volume Two anthology.

Check out the teaser and the cover.


A snarl cut through the splattering rain.

Kellan and Dakarai swivelled instantaneously. At the edge of the forest, almost on the verge where the car stopped, eyes glowed in the dark. Five pairs of yellow cat eyes.

“Trouble,” Dakarai said in a low voice.

“A-ha.” Kellan straightened to his full height, Dakarai beside him. Together they shielded the injured shifter from the potential threat.

The beast inside him snarled, and all his muscles tightened.

“You think she’s one of them?” Dakarai asked as his hands balled into fists.

In difficult situations, Kellan was usually the one with a cool head, and Dakarai would be ready to smash things up. With the agitation his beast was radiating, he struggled to keep a calm exterior.

“Could be.”

“Probably best to leave her and get in the car.”


Dakarai tilted his head in Kellan’s direction, but he didn’t take his gaze off the threat across the road.

“I don’t like where this is going.”

“I can’t leave her here. She’s injured.”

“She’s not our concern.”

Dakarai was right.

Kellan had no business poking his nose into shifter issues. But he couldn’t walk away from this problem. It was his to own. His to resolve.

“She’s my mate,” Kellan declared for Dakarai’s ears only.

Dakarai's body stiffened. “Are you sure?”


“Oh—Kay.” Dakarai let out a sigh. Despite his misgivings, he would stand by his friend’s decision. He’d always done so in the past.

“Don’t leave her side,” Kellan commanded, stepping forward, hands raised to show he was no threat. “We don’t want any trouble.”

Well, he was no threat if they weren’t planning to take the leopard away.

“Then you will hand over the puss.” A shadow separated from the trees. A raven-skinned man in grey clothes stepped onto the road.

The puss? Kellan’s beast growled. He was ready to bleed into existence.

I’ll deal with this. Kellan replied to his beast and summoned the power to keep him at bay. His other backed away as he channelled magical energy into his pores in preparation for the upcoming fight.

“She’s injured,” Kellan called out to the man on the other side of the road. “And I’m going to make sure she’s okay. Who are you?”

He and Dakarai probably looked like two humans playing Good Samaritan to an injured animal.

“My name is Eric of the Buyana clan. She’s part of the reservation and not allowed out of it. The best thing for you to do is get into your car and drive away.”

Even if Kellan believed the leopard belonged to the national park, he didn’t think Eric would take care of her. The man’s attitude only drove his annoyance.

“Get lost. I’m not giving her to you.” The words oozed out of him in a menacing tone as he flexed fingers ready for battle.

“It’s your funeral.” A golden hue glazed over the shifter’s eyes as he flicked his hand. “Now!”

The shifters in the trees exploded into motion.

“Watch out!” Dakarai yelled.

Already poised for action, power surged through Kellan. He turned fast to meet the first threat—a leopard leapt out of the dark to his left. He ducked and swiped it, sending it flying and crashing into a tree trunk. His body tingled from the energy bubbling inside as his beast fed strength to him. He twisted and grabbed a second snarling animal by one hind leg and flung it.

In his peripheral vision, Dakarai had just smashed into another.

They were both aiming to hurt but not kill, enough show of strength to get the attackers to back down. If this was his mate’s clan, he didn’t want to cause any permanent damage to people she possibly cared about.

The tactic seemed to have the desired effect.

“Enough!” Eric’s harsh word cut through the whimpers and snarls. The leopards retreated, a few dragging their legs with apparent injuries. When he spoke to Kellan, his voice was a mix of surprise and begrudging respect. “You’re not human. What are you?”

“What I am is none of your business.” Kellan’s voice hardened. He pointed at the prone female leopard behind him. “But I’m not giving her up.”



Due to his family history, Kellan has no interest in celestial politics. A descendant of the ancients, he’s suppresses his other and passes as human. Until bad news reaches him, and he must return home. Then he rescues a female shifter who turns his outlook upside down. For the first time in years, his other is awake and won’t be pushed aside as the ultimate primal need arises—to protect its mate.

Lehana doesn’t need a mate even one decreed by the gods. She can’t trust a man who has spent most of his life in the closet, hiding his supernatural status, even if he claims to be her chosen.

To claim his mate, Kellan is going to have to unleash that which he has kept hidden.

Homecoming is a novella length paranormal romance. I am sending out FREE copies to those who purchase the Enchanted: Volume Two anthology. Send a screenshot of your receipt to

RENDEZVOUS WITH BOOK FRIENDS (Halloween party) is on Friday 30 October.

Venue: Love Africa Book Lounge (Facebook group)

Time: 7pm (WAT)

I'm looking forward to escaping the chaos of the world for a few hours and chatting about books and fun stuff with readers. Hope to see you there.


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