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Anticipation skittered along her spine. #SexySnippets In honour of @KathleenGrieve

Yesterday I found out about the sudden death of Kathleen King Mayer (Author name: Kathleen Grieve) after a brief illness this week. I was totally shocked to read this news on social media.

Kathleen was a very lovely woman and a regular at Sexy Snippets. She always stopped by my page and left encouraging comments. Her death is a loss to the romance writing community. My heart goes out to her family. May her soul rest in peace.

In honour of Kathleen, today I'm going to share a sexy snippet from the last book I read from her.

Sex is the Best Medicine was a wonderful read and I'm happy to recommend it to anyone who enjoys steamy romance.

Enjoy the snippet. ❤

"Not intimidated, huh?" he said. "Little busy bodies like you need to be taught a lesson."

As he spoke, his gaze moved to her mouth and her pulse skipped a beat. He wouldn't dare kiss her. Would he? Kate's breath caught Anticipation skittered along her spine. Slowly she shook her head. Please, please, please put that gorgeous mouth on mine.


Thank you for stopping by.

Sex is the Best Medicine is available on Amazon.

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