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BOUND TO FAVOR #HolidayRomance #ContemporaryRomance

It's only a few days to Christmas. Presents bought and wrapped and I'm looking forward to time with the family. How are you getting ready?

This bring me to BOUND TO FAVOR. For Kamali, spending time with family means putting up with questions about his love life and when he's going to remarry. Every African adult gets asked this at least once in their lifetime. "When are you getting married?" LOL. Okay, maybe it's an exaggeration but close though.

Anyway, back to Kamali and his solution to the problem which is to take home a fake fiancee for the holidays. Guess who he set his eyes on. Enjoy the scene.

“Do you have anything planned for that week?” he asked.

“Yes, sir. I’m going on holiday. I booked to travel to South Africa.” Her shoulders lifted as she shrugged dismissively.

Ebun hated Christmas. Not the original reason it was established, but what it had come to represent—over indulging decadence and greed. It was one of those times of the year when she wanted to crawl into a dark hole and hibernate. Better still, jet off to a holiday resort where no ostensible relatives could get their clammy claws into her.

Spending time with family stood equivalent to being in Hell. Her family sucked.

Her relationship with her mother had deteriorated, and don’t get her started on her father.

As far as she was concerned, she didn’t have a family. She saved up all year so that she could disappear during the Christmas break. Last year, she’d gone to the Gambia for a week and had come back to Lagos in the New Year. This year she’d planned to spend the week at Sun City resort in South Africa. All she needed was a suitcase full of books, beachwear, and party clothes.

“I want you to cancel your booking because I have a favour to ask.”

“A favour?” Her traitorous heart leapt at his mention of the word.

Kamali’s brooding features—the stern line of his full lips, the angular jutting of his cheekbones, the arched sweep of his dark brows, the shadow darkening his chin and square jaw. Nothing on his face indicated he was about to impart good news to her.

“Yes. A business deal. You help me out of a tight situation, and I compensate you for your time.”

Her heart sank into her stomach, and she clenched her hands, her nails digging into her palms.

“I’m listening,” she replied, glad her voice remained calm.

“You get on well with Fari, don’t you?” he asked her, his black eyes boring into her.

Usually she maintained good eye contact with people. Still, something in the depth of Kamali’s eyes made her look away.

She swallowed a gulp of air and nodded. “Yes, she’s a sweet girl. I love spending time with her.”

Fari had shadowed Ebun during the week she’d spent in DC for a school project.

“That’s good because I need you to travel to the Katsina with me for my cousin’s wedding,” Kamali said, watching her as if gauging her response. Her skin prickled with heat.

“Why?” she asked, the idea of going anywhere people will be celebrating the festivities not sitting well with her. Then again, the Danladi were Muslims, so it shouldn’t matter.

“I need you to act as my fiancée while we’re in Katsina.”


About Bound to Favor

Kamali Danladi has sworn never to get married again. But his meddling mother is bent on hitching him to any eligible female that comes along to the next family gathering. There's only one thing for it. Get fake-hitched to his executive assistant. If anyone is more averse to marriage than he is, it's her. So they'll be perfect together. Or at least, they'll fake perfect together.

Ebun Forson doesn't do families. She certainly doesn't do festivities. So when she has to spend a week playing fiancée to her boss, how is she going to cope with the extensive Danladi kinsfolk without breaking out in hives? Her next shopping trip funded by the bonus he's giving her should more than make up for the inconvenience.

However, she soon finds the real threat is to her heart. The dark and intense Kamali behaves as if he sees through to her soul, making her almost forget that this is all an act. In any case, someone with a past like hers doesn’t deserve a happy ever after, surely.

Bound to Favor is available in ebook, paperback and audiobook. Here are the buy links



Oluwakemi Babalola
Oluwakemi Babalola

All the books in the bound series are all so captivating.

Are you going to finish the series? At the end of Bound to Liberty you put in there that there would be two more (Bound to Sin and Bound to Bliss). Hope we can expect them soon.

Have a lovely Xmas Kiru ❤️

Oluwakemi Babalola
Oluwakemi Babalola

Wishing you and the family the very best of the New Year in advance. Enjoy the rest of 2022

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