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Can a quiet man tame his rebellious wife with persevering love? #historicalromance #Africa

Hello, sweetie.

I just found out that Amazon UK is doing on deal on the Men of Valor box set. At 37 pennies, you won't find this ebook cheaper anywhere else. I don't know how long this deal is going to last, so just one-click this baby now if you want it.

Happy reading😘

Here is an excerpt from His Treasure, Men of Valor book 1


“My husband, you know the New Yam festival fast approaches,” Adaku said. They were in the main chamber of the house, the sleeping rooms led off directly from it. Seated opposite Obinna at the table while he ate his dinner, she felt a little apprehensive about the topic she wanted to discuss with him and shifted nervously in her chair.

Obinna looked up at her, his eyes fringed by long, dark lashes, a black, expressionless pool she could drown in, always unnerved her. As she couldn’t read his mood, gauging how to tell him what she wanted to say was difficult.

“Yes, say what’s on your mind Adaku,” he said in his usual deep voice, as he licked his long fingers.

Something stirred low within her belly. Her eyes hungrily followed his action, and she got distracted. For a brief moment she wished it was her fingers he was licking.

“That could be arranged.”

Adaku looked up sharply and Obinna’s brow was lifted with amusement. She realized she must have spoken her thought out loud. Embarrassment and heat washed over her as he took hold of her hand in his large one.

Somewhere within her mind something shifted. An awareness of Obinna at a primal level registered in her rapidly hazing brain.

The air suddenly felt warmer and her skin prickled. He took her fingers into his warm mouth in turn, twirling his moist tongue around each. Sensation flooded her body, and she forgot everything else she wanted to say. All she could feel was the stroke of his tongue on her fingers as he sucked and lapped each one.

His touch scorched her straight to her soul.

She gasped and his gaze came up, locking on to her and pinning her to the spot. His eyes were filled with a desire she couldn’t explain. His tongue moved down her skin, searing a path to the spot at the center of her palm before licking it. Then he released her hand, and she realized she was trembling.

She felt a need pulsating in her core, leaving her confused. All he’d done was lick her fingers. Yet it seemed to turn her into a trembling mass, yearning for more of his touch. Prince Emeka’s touch had never elicited such a response from her and she’d thought he was her life mate.

“What was it you wanted to ask me, or have I already fulfilled it?”

Obinna was still watching her intensely. His voice had a husky tinge that rumbled through her. She took awhile to catch her breath before she could speak. Willing her heart rate to return to normal, she stared at her hand, still tingling from his touch.

“I-I just wondered if I could buy some new fabrics in preparation for the festival,” she said with a shaky voice that wasn’t like her. She’d never been this affected before by his actions.


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