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“Challenge accepted.” #MidWeekTease #erotic #AARomance #comingsoon #preorder

Welcome back to Mid Week Tease where we tantalise you with excerpts from published books or works in progress. This event is organised by the lovely Angelica Dawson and every writer is welcome to join in. Just visit the Mid Week Tease page to sign up.

So I have a book coming out soon. September 12 sees the release of Worthy, book 3 in the Challenge series.

We're picking up from where we left off in last week's teaser. Enjoy.

His restraint snapped and his grip on her arm tightened. “What did you say?”

Tilting her chin up, she glared at him and stood still. But she must have seen something on his face as she licked her lips. “You know exactly what I said?”

This woman pushed his buttons, turned him from a level-headed man into a feral Neanderthal.

“You think I don’t know how to use my cock because I haven’t fucked you yet?” He leaned close, making her back flatten against the wall.

His lips grazed her ear. She shivered and moistened her lip with her tongue. “I...I...” She couldn’t seem to form a word. Her throat rippled as she swallowed.

“Do you think because I’ve been celibate for a while, that I don’t know how to fuck you?” His voice came out gravelly low, just above a whisper.

“Do you think I can’t make you come? That I can’t make this beautiful body of yours clench and writhe and beg for me?”

She gasped and her trembling became more pronounced. “You—you’re just bluffing. No man has ever made me come.”

He leaned back and tilted his head. “I hear you, Tessa and you should know I’m not a man who walks away from problems.” He leaned close again and whispered against her ear, making sure to blow warm air on her skin. “So challenge accepted.”

Worthy is available to preorder. Visit the link for where to buy.

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