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“Did anyone ever tell you that you talk too much?” #MidWeekTease #erotic #romance

Welcome back to Mid Week Tease where we tantalise you with excerpts from published books or works in progress. This event is organised by the lovely Angelica Dawson and every writer is welcome to join in. Just visit the Mid Week Tease page to sign up.

Yay! It's here. Worthy released on September 12. Worthy is book 3 in the Challenge series.

This teaser follows on from last week's but I've skipped a little to bring you some action ish. ;) Enjoy.

“Did anyone ever tell you that you talk too much?” He hooked his fingers around her knickers. “Lift your hips.”

Smirking at him, she complied and he pulled the underwear from her. Lifting his hand to his face, he sniffed it. Her musk filled his nostrils and tingles travelled down his spine to his balls.

God, he’d missed the scent of a woman. The fragrance of lust.

He scrunched the lace up in his hand, feeling the damp evidence of her arousal on his fingers.

Tessa sat bound in the leather armchair, staring at him as if mesmerised by his actions. Her pupil dilated, the pulse on her collar thumped fast. One dimmed spotlight dappled the bare skin of her parted thighs, catching the shimmer of her shaved, wet pussy.

To be this close to a woman after so many years. Adrenaline rushed through his body and his hands trembled a little. His control threatened to slip. It had been too long, almost like the first time all over again.

But this wasn’t his first time. And although there seemed a lot at stake here—his reputation and his ability to redeem men in Tessa’s eyes—he’d done this before. He knew a woman’s body well enough. He’d learned from a Master.

He could do this. Would do this. “Open your mouth,” he said as he leaned forward.


He stuffed the thong into her open mouth. “Don’t spit it out otherwise I’ll gag you properly and put a blindfold on you as well.

Her eyes widened and she shook her head.

“I’ll take it that you don’t want a blindfold and a gag.”

She nodded.

“Good.” He gave a wicked smile. “Now, this is a sight to behold. You at my mercy and not mouthing off at me. One more thing to do.”

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