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Did she have sox with a ghost? Read a teaser from HAUNTED #HalloweenReads

Hello, lovelies. Many moons ago I read a tweet about a man who was buried in his wife’s underwear and I got into a twitter conversation with a reader about the ritual which was supposed to prevent the unalived man from haunting his wife.

But my writer brain envisioned it differently.

What if the man liked wearing his wife’s undergarments? What if interring him with the underwear will make him haunt her? What it..? What if…?

And so, my story HAUNTED was born. About Somma who is a widow mourning the loss of her beloved husband David one year on.

Here is a teaser:

Somma stirred slowly, her body weighed down, languid. She lifted her eyelids and blinked a few times.

Sunlight streamed in through the embroidered navy-blue heavy curtains. The scent of bergamot, burnt earth and sex lingered in the air. Perspiration made her body cling to the sheets.

It must have been a hot night for her to be so sweaty. She swung her legs out of bed and realized that she wasn’t wearing panties. Just the babydoll outfit she’d put on last night.

Had she taken the underwear off?

She frowned and glanced around. The knickers were on the bedside table along with one of David’s silk ties. How did those get there?

The dream from last night replayed in her mind. David had been with her. But that had been a dream. Fantasy didn’t make physical objects move.

Had she removed the undies last night before she’d slept off and placed the ties next to her bed? Maybe that’s what happened which would explain the dream.

Shaking her head, she walked to the bathroom and took the lingerie off. Her thighs felt sticky. Out of curiosity, she slid her fingers into her pussy. It was soaked with her juice and what looked like semen.

Her heart thudded in her chest, and she sat on the cover of the WC with a thud as her legs gave way.

Had she really had sex last night with David?

Don’t be ridiculous, she chided herself.

Dead men don’t have sex, do they?


Did she have sex with her husband’s ghost?

Read the full HAUNTED story in the Enchanted Vol 2 anthology. It’s discounted for a limited time via the Love Africa Press website. Also check out the Halloween Collection while you're there.

The anthology also includes paranormal stories by Bambo Deen, Fiske Nyirongo and Karo Oforofuo.

PS: the misspelling in the header is on purpose! LOL



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