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Did they join the mile-high club? DUKE #Romance #ComingSoon

Hey, sweeties. Welcome back.

Duke is out next week and I have another teaser.

This is a scene with Duke and Carla on a private plane. Do you think they joined the mile-high club?

Read it and leave me a comment. Enjoy.

“Take your seats and prepare for landing,” the captain’s announcement came through invisible speakers.

“Oh, no.” Carla pushed off the bed and picked Duke’s shirt she’d abandoned on the floor. Pulling the buttoned-up clothing over her head, she shoved arms into the long sleeves. The cotton fabric fit, skimming her curves and chaffing her nipples, the length almost to mid-thigh.

A look in the narrow mirror above the vanity showed it didn’t look too bad. A wide belt would turn the outfit into a fashionable boyfriend shirtdress if only she had one.

Without undies or shoes, the outfit was the least of her problems. Duke had taken everything else, and she wouldn’t stoop to wearing his boxer-briefs or footwear or whatever else he had in the lockers.

Tap. Tap.

Carla swivelled at the sound. “Who is it?”

The door slid sideways, and the stewardess who’d attended to her previously stood there with a pair of double-plait, toe-thong, tan leather sandals in her hand. “Mr Odili wants you to have this.”

“Whose are they?” Carla took the clean and polished items. However, the scuffs beneath the heels showed they’d been worn.

“They are mine. Mr Odili requested a pair of shoes for you. These are the only spares I have in my cabin bag.”

“Oh. Thanks. But I can’t take your stuff.”

“It’s okay. He has already paid more than they’re worth. So, you can have them.”

“Thank you.” They were little more than flip-flops, and not to Carla’s style. But beggars, and all.

Obviously, Duke hadn’t planned for her presence. Hence the lack of alternative clothing when hers had been taken. Still, his improvisation was sufficient, and the problem was solved.

“You need to take your seat and put your seatbelt on,” the woman said, waiting beyond the threshold.

“I’m coming.” Carla glanced at her reflection once more, using fingers to detangle and tidy the mass of curls falling around her face. She shoved her feet into the flat shoes, followed the air hostess into the aisle and halted.

In the first bank of four cream leather seats, the men were in conversation. The private jet had one chair on either side of the narrow aisle with reasonable gaps between opposing chairs for legroom and the collapsible lacquered tables used for dining or working. On the right side, Duke faced her. Maddox—she assumed—was adjacent while Mason sat opposite.

Duke lifted his head. Black eyes ringed with heavy lashes stared at her, piercing straight to her soul.

Her heart skipped a beat. Her knees jellied. She gripped the top of the empty seat to her left.

Blinking, he looked away, his attention back on whatever Mason was saying in a low tone. His middle finger rubbed back and forth over his lips.

Only minutes ago, his hand had been on her bum setting her skin ablaze, and inside her fuelling her climax. Could he still smell and taste her essence?

As if he read her thought, his pink tongue flicked out and swiped the pad of his long finger. He might as well have swiped his tongue on her clit.

Desire flared in her veins. Her core clenched. Suppressing a moan, she closed her eyes, clamping her thighs together.

“Ms Owo.”

Carla’s lashes fluttered open at the sound of her name. “Yes?”

Four pairs of eyes were on her—the three men who had stopped talking and the air hostess pointing at an empty seat in the next section.

“Take your seat.”

Had she moaned out loud to attract all their attentions? She would just die if she had.

Laughter lines crinkled Duke’s eyes and his mouth tugged up at the corner in slow amusement.

Her cheeks heated and she hurried down the aisle and tumbled into the first chair without any elegance, her back to the men so they wouldn’t see her. The ache on her bum reminded of the spanking.

Still aroused, her pulse raced, her breathing irregular and shallow. At this rate, there would be a wet patch on the shirt since she had no knickers to absorb the moisture slicking her thighs.

Why did it take so little for the man to get her excited? He knew how to push her button.

She strapped on her seatbelt and squeezed her eyes shut, trying to take calming breaths. Otherwise, she would walk down the aisle, sit on Duke’s lap and ride his dick, the rest of his team be damned.


Gosh, I'm so in love with Duke and Carla. I hope you're enjoying the teasers.

If you haven't read them yet, there's a sweet teaser here and a hot one here.

If you want the chance to win a free copy of Duke, complete this quiz.


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