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Fingers wrapped around her upper arms and tugged #MidWeekTease #Amwriting

Happy Hump Day, Sweeties! As you know I'm writing a new story so I'm pleased to join the Mid-Week Tease today and share an excerpt from my WIP.

This comes from Worthy, Challenge series #3. This is scene where Tessa meets Peter for the first time. They're in a night club.

It's a first draft and unedited. I hope you enjoy it.

As she came out of the bathroom stall, she caught her reflection on the mirror and glanced at herself again. It was always a shock to see the transformation in her whenever she came out on Friday night. She looked like a different woman from the person she was during the day. During the week.

Now a different woman stared back at her with brown tresses of wavy clip-in extensions almost to her hips, smoky dark eyes and sultry red lips. The soft stretch jersey dress moulded onto curves. She was unrecognisable. She preferred it that way. Of course. The person she was on these nights wasn’t who she was for the rest of the time.

Keeping the two personalities, and worlds, separate was key to her survival.

She tidied up her makeup and headed out the door. She pulled her phone out of her bag to check messages and stumbled into someone. The force of the impact sent her stumbling back on her stilettos.

“Oh,” the man said and reached for her flailing arms.

Fingers wrapped around her upper arms and tugged. She slammed back into the warmth of his rock abs. Breath whooshed out of her lungs and she clutched his silk shirt to steady herself.

For a moment, she didn’t move. A little disorientated. A little sucked in by the safety of the body cocooning her. Something made her lean in, close her eyes and suck in a huge breath.

Wow. He smelled good. Better than good. Divine. She couldn't remember the last time she stood this close to a man who made her was to nuzzle him and mark her body with his scent of cologne, musk and man.

“Are you okay?” the sound of his voice rumbled so low it seemed to emanate from his chest.

Shivering, she opened her eyes and looked into his. Her breath caught. His were an obsidian shade, dark and compelling. His pristine skin was a tawny colour, the hair cut pretty close to his scalp. Brown brows arched over sharp eyes, strong nose bridged an equilinear face, completed by lush lips and a square chin.

She wasn’t a small girl and she stood in tower high shoes. Still he loomed over her, his white dress shirt buttoned up without a tie. She followed the lean line across his wide shoulders down to the narrow hips and legs in charcoal trousers onto the ebony wingtips.

He was fucking hot—front cover of GQ magazine jalapeno hot.

Did you enjoy it? Leave me a comment. Remember to check out the other Mid-Week Teasers.



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