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First day in a new school and she’d had a panic attack #MidWeekTease #NARomance

Welcome back to Mid Week Tease where we tantalise you with excerpts from published books or works in progress. This event is organised by the lovely Angelica Dawson and every writer is welcome to join in. Just visit the Mid Week Tease page to sign up.

This week I bring you a teaser from my NA contemporary romance novel, Bound To Fate, the first book in the Bound Series. The scene explains itself.

Rubbing her palms down her skirt, she hunched over. First day in a new school and she’d had a panic attack. In front of the most intriguing man she’d ever met, with skin like dark chocolate and eyes like the sky at night.

Oh, God! Heat crept up from her chest to her face. Wanting to get out before he came back, she grabbed her bag.

The door squeaked as it swung open and he returned with a small brush and pan.

Chest feeling tight and frozen to the spot, she watched him.

He worked quickly and thoroughly, sweeping up any last trace of glass and binning them. Striding to his desk, he pulled a bottle of water from his satchel and came back to sit in a chair across from her.

“Drink this.” He passed her the plastic container.

She unscrewed the sealed cap, tipped her head slightly back, and drank, glad to soothe her parched throat. When she finished, she stretched out her hand to pass it back.

“You can keep it,” he said, his gaze fixed to her face.

“Thank you.” She broke eye contact and stared at the desk, clutching the bottle to her side as she wrapped her arms across her body to hide her tremors.

“Lara, why did you have a panic attack?” he asked, his voice low and filled with concern.

Eyes wide, she glanced at him. How did he know? Her foot bounced on the floor. “I...I...” she stuttered.

His hand settled on her knee. Warm. Calming. “It’s okay. Breathe in and out slowly.”

She followed the instructions of his compelling voice. Her breathing evened out and the shaking stopped eventually.

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