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Freddie Untangled - Chapter One Part Five #amreading #diverseadlit #TeaserTuesday

If you've been reading, here is the final instalment from chapter one of Freddie Untangled which is out this week.

Missed the previous parts? Catch up on Chapter One from Freddie Untangled.


Please note that Freddie Untangled is NOT a standalone. It is the conclusion to Freddie and Kike's story which began in Freddie Entangled.

Chapter One of Freddie Untangled follows directly from the last chapter of Freddie Entangled.

So if you haven't read Freddie Entangled and wish to do so, this may contain spoilers.

Chapter One - Part Five

She brushed down her clothes and straightened. “I wasn’t planning on telling Lekan about the move.”

Freddie shoved his hands back into his pockets and raised his right brow. “He’s going to notice when a moving truck turns up at the house to move your things. Even if he isn’t home, I’m sure one of your neighbours will let him know.”

“Yes, I already thought about that. Lekan is travelling out of the country in two months. He’s been invited to speak at a few Christian conferences—one in London and two in the USA. I’m not travelling with him. We’ll do the move then. By the time he finds out about it, I’ll be here already and he won’t be able to stop me.”

Agitation made her voice squeaky and her gaze bounced around the empty room. Talking about leaving her husband of twenty years freaked her out.

Freddie reached for her, placing a hand on her shoulder in a soothing motion. She loved his tactile nature and how he understood her need to be connected. Calm settled over her.

“That should work. But what about Yomi? You said Lekan threatened to take him away. I’m going to make sure he doesn’t get his hands on Yomi, at least not without a court warrant. But you'll need to be prepared for whatever he’s going to bring.”

She sighed. “I know. I have a plan about that. The only way to make sure he doesn’t get Yomi is to beat him at his own game. Lekan loves to blackmail people. I need to get evidence of what he’s been up to. There are all his affairs with other women, not to mention all his church dealings. He’s a master manipulator. And I need to unravel him.”

She’d never been able to stand against her husband before. With Freddie’s help she hoped to accomplish her freedom one way or another.

“I’m so glad you said that because Banks Security can assign a private investigator to look into your husband’s activities.”

“Sounds good. But it’s not going to be easy to get anything on Lekan. His followers are fanatical. Many of them would die for him and perhaps kill for him. They think he is God—”

“Hello! Mrs Ogun,” someone called out from downstairs. The estate agent.

Kike raised her palm before walking out to the corridor. She leaned over the balustrade to reply to the lady standing in the living room. “Donna, we’ll be downstairs shortly and then we can go and sign the tenancy agreement.”

“Great. I’ll call the office so the paperwork is ready when we get back.” Donna pulled her phone from her bag and headed outside.

Freddie joined Kike on the landing and took her left hand. “Don’t worry about the move. Lekan isn’t God and our investigators are good. If there’s something to dig up, they’ll find it.”

She puffed out a breath. “Thank you.”

Copyright 2017 Kiru Taye


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