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Freddie Untangled - Chapter One Part Four #amreading #EroticRomance

Enjoy more Friday Fiction from my upcoming book, Freddie Untangled.

Missed the previous parts?


Please note that Freddie Untangled is NOT a standalone. It is the conclusion to Freddie and Kike's story which began in Freddie Entangled.

Chapter One of Freddie Untangled follows directly from the last chapter of Freddie Entangled.

So if you haven't read Freddie Entangled and wish to do so, this may contain spoilers.

Chapter One - Part Four

From the first time he’d sealed their mouths together in the stairwell of his apartment building, the depth, power and honesty he offered had been overwhelming. He didn’t hide himself, which made him so damned irresistible.

Dear Lord, she needed so much, all he presented, if she could only get over the fear of her heart being trampled on again.

Still, the fear didn’t manifest in this moment as her fingers clutched at his shirt.

Groaning into her mouth, he didn’t seem to mind her nails digging into his shoulders. His hands grabbed her jeans-clad behind, lifting and moving until her back pressed against the cool wall.

“Oh,” she moaned, wrapping her legs around his hips, putting his groin between her spread thighs. Solid muscles on his chest pressed against her soft breasts. Her nipples hardened, chaffed against the lace of her bra, sending delicious tingles down her spine.

He broke the kiss, letting her draw in quick breaths.

“I want to suck you in so you fill every pore in my body and I can stay high on you. You are my drug, Kike. Can’t you tell that I’m addicted to you?” he said in a deep rumbling voice, exacerbating her arousal.

“Mhmm.” She couldn’t form words, not with a dry mouth and trying to get air into her lungs. Addiction to him could become a reality. She wanted to consume him. To be consumed by him.

Her clit throbbed, needing attention just as her insides clenched, wanting to be filled. She canted her hips, rubbing against the stiff bulge in his trousers. He could alleviate her ache, right here, right now. Everything else could go to hell.

“You want me, don’t you?” His question sounded gruff, his dark gaze ignited with the same craving burning inside her.

“Yes,” she replied in a breathless voice, barely forcing the word out.

“Me giving you pain and pleasure, my cock buried deep inside your pussy, our bodies blazing hot and slick with sweat.” He tightened the grip on her nape as his fingers dug into her left hip.

She whimpered, swallowed, the delightful flash of pain adding to her arousal. “Yes. Heavens, Yes.”

“Then you know what to do, kitten.” He brushed her mouth in the gentlest of chaste kisses before lowering her legs to the ground.

She opened her mouth to beg him but closed it. What could she say to him? He’d already made it quite clear what his limits were. It would be unfair to force his hand. Just as it was unfair to force hers. She had to make decisions about the important things in her life. And she needed a clear head in order to decide.

Swallowing her disappointment, she nodded. “I understand. I’ll think about your proposal.”

“Of course. You should.” He moved back, putting space between them. “In the meantime, what's your plan for this place? When do you want to move in? From what you said, Lekan isn’t going to be pleased about you moving out. So I need to make plans for getting you out of there safely.”

She had to admire the way he moved on to talking business as if she hadn’t been putty in his hands seconds before. At least he had his head in the game, which couldn’t be said for her as she tried to remember the plan she’d come up with when she’d decided to leave her husband.

To be continued...

Copyright 2017 Kiru Taye

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