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Freddie Untangled - Chapter One Part Three #amreading #Romance

Enjoy more Friday Fiction from my upcoming book, Freddie Untangled.

Missed the previous parts?


Please note that Freddie Untangled is NOT a standalone. It is the conclusion to Freddie and Kike's story which began in Freddie Entangled.

Chapter One of Freddie Untangled follows directly from the last chapter of Freddie Entangled.

So if you haven't read Freddie Entangled and wish to do so, this may contain spoilers.

Chapter One - Part Three

The word ‘dominant’ pitched her ardour into icy water. Her body stiffened and her eyes widened. She didn’t miss the implication of his words. “What?”

“Don’t look so surprised, Kike. I’m a Dom without a sub and you’re a sub in need of a good Dom. I told you already that I want to be your Sir. Did you think I didn’t mean it?”

She frowned as her pulse thumped. “Yes. No. Oh, I don’t know.” She tugged away from him and stepped back. “We discussed this and I told you I don’t want a Sir.”

She’d been there, done that and had the emotional scars to prove it.

“You say you don’t want a Sir. Last weekend proved differently. Otherwise you wouldn’t have ended up in Lekan’s bed after what we shared.”

His words cut into her like a knife, reopening the festering guilt. She bowed her head. “I told you I was sorry about that. Are you going to keep holding it over my head?”

With a heavy heart she walked out of the bedroom as tears burned the back of her eyes. Her vision blurred and she stumbled into the corridor.

A pair of arms gripped her shoulders and pulled her back into a solid chest.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.” His arms wrapped around her body, holding her tight.

Her guilt ramped up and a vice clamped her chest. He remained true and good to her. Why couldn’t she give him what he wanted?

“No need to be sorry. You said the truth,” she murmured through the lump in her throat.

“It might be the truth but I don’t like seeing you upset,” he whispered from where his chin rested on her crown.

He’d said a similar thing the day she’d turned up at his apartment after she’d found Lekan getting a blow job from his receptionist.

Her muscles quivered as anger flushed through her. Self-directed annoyance.

She’d put up with crap from Lekan for years. Yet, here stood a decent man and she couldn’t seem to allow him into her life the way he deserved.

“You should be upset.” She tugged at his arms, trying to pry them away.

“Why?” He released her.

She swivelled to face him, self-loathing a cancer eating at her mind. “You should demand what you want from me. You should take it from me.”

He took a step back, eyes narrowed and voice sharp, “Have you not listened to anything I said? Your submission is yours to give freely to whomever you choose. I won’t demand it, force it from you or take it without your permission. If I do, it is abuse and rape when sex is involved. I am not Lekan.”

He punctuated the last sentence by jabbing his fingers in the air before storming back into the master bedroom.

She pressed her lips together and swallowed several times.

Could Freddie be different from Lekan? Lekan had demanded submission, had taken whatever he’d wanted from her until she didn’t know anything else. Any disobedience incurred punishment.

Freddie wanted the same authority over her. So he hadn’t been cruel to her the night she’d submitted to him at Tolani’s sex party. Then again, Lekan hadn’t always been mean to her.

Staring in Freddie’s direction showed he stood by the window, staring out with his hands shoved into his front pockets.

She was being unfair to him by doing the comparison with her husband. Freddie had shown no falseness. He wore his heart on his sleeve and had remained open with himself even when she’d hurt him. Even as she continued to hurt him.

With slow steps, she approached him and stopped a few inches behind him. He didn’t turn in her direction although he would’ve heard the tap of her heels on the hard flooring.

Not letting the rebuff deter her, she closed the gap and tilted her head forward until it rested on his stiff back. Sucking in a deep breath, his spice filled her nostrils.

“You deserve someone better than me,” she said in a strangled voice. She couldn’t understand why he continued to desire her. Perhaps he wanted her so he could boast that he’d fucked Kike Ogun. Maybe all this was just sweet talk. “Being with me is only going to screw you up. Take the sex and run.”

He shook his head softly and turned around. His expression stayed pensive.

“Lady, don’t you get it? I’m screwed up already. I’ll take the sex but I’m not running away. I vowed to protect you and I will. Anyway, I don’t think there’s anyone better than you. You’re brave and beautiful, soft and sexy—all woman to me.”

She tilted her head back and gave a bark of unbelieving laughter. “You must be crazy or high on drugs.”

He gripped her nape with his left hand while the right palm cupped her face and held her still. “I’m crazy about you. That’s what I am.”

Leaning forward, he cut off any response she had by pressing his lips to hers in a savage kiss. She opened up to him, letting the inferno of passion consumed her. Their tongues danced around each other as she tasted him.

To be continued...

Copyright 2017 Kiru Taye

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