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Freddie Untangled - Chapter One Part Two #amreading #RomanticSuspense

Enjoy more Friday Fiction from my upcoming book, Freddie Untangled.

Missed the first part? Read Chapter One Part One


Please note that Freddie Untangled is NOT a standalone. It is the conclusion to Freddie and Kike's story which began in Freddie Entangled.

Chapter One of Freddie Untangled follows directly from the last chapter of Freddie Entangled.

So if you haven't read Freddie Entangled and wish to do so, this may contain spoilers.

Chapter One - Part Two

“We have space for a six-seat dining table here.” She pointed at the spot close to the entrance hall and headed in the other direction, her heels tapping a steady beat on the hard flooring. “And the kitchen is this way.”

This would be half of her current cookery space but with the newly-fitted solid oak units and egg shell doors, she had no worries except to move in.

“Nice,” Freddie’s voice held wonder. Smiling, he knocked on the wooden worktop as if testing it out.

Touching her throat, she took a step back and watched him. He looked like a child in a sweet shop. She’d certainly never seen a man express such interest in a kitchen.

“This is good to go. I’m picturing one of those American style fridge-freezers with an ice-maker over here.” He pointed at the empty spot by the connecting wall. “I presume you want a washing machine so that can go next to the sink and a cooker will go there.” He pointed to a break in the counter designed to accommodate an electric or gas hob and oven. A stainless steel curved extractor hood protruded from the wall high above the gap.

“You seem to know what should go where.” She waved her hand around the space, unable to hide her amusement.

He chuckled and leaned his denim-covered hip on the counter, his black t-shirt stretched across defined muscles. “When I moved into the apartment with Tochi, I was the one who chose the appliances and designed the space. The building had just been completed so it had been a blank canvas.”

“Oh, so you have interior design skills.”

“Kitten, I have so many other skills you’re yet to discover.” He winked at her.

“Oh,” she gasped. Her heart skipped a beat. It did that every time he used the pet name and even more when his words held so much decadent promise.

Damn, she wanted to discover what skills he had. This wasn’t the place or time, though. Donna waited outside. Kike didn’t need wagging tongues.

Sucking in a sharp breath, she licked her lips and tasted the cherry lip matte. “I better show you the rest of the place.”

She hurried out as if the devil chased her. Although Freddie proved to be no demon, he wasn’t an angel either. His dark passion could consume her, if she didn’t tread carefully.

Upstairs, she pointed out the different areas—three bedrooms and the family bathroom.

“This is the master,” she stated the obvious. The large bedroom had a built-in closet and ensuite facility, which the other upstairs rooms didn’t have. “Ranti and Yomi need separate rooms. They can have the other two and I’ll have this one.”

On her single income, she couldn’t afford a huge house like the one she shared with her husband. Leaving Lekan meant walking away from the ostentatious lifestyle. A price she would happily pay for her peace of mind.

“Is there space for the security team?” Freddie glanced around the bathroom.

“Yes, there’s a 2-bed boys' quarter.” She sashayed to the large window overlooking the back courtyard and pointed at the single-level building close to the back wall. “There.”

“Okay.” He came to stand beside her, his right arm brushing her left.

Her skin tingled at the contact as her heart raced. The man took her breath away just by being around her. His presence in her life had reawakened her as a woman.

“But I’m hoping you’ll spend more time in here with me than out there.” She swallowed and held her breath, her sweaty palm clenched around the leather handle of her tote.

In for a penny, in for a pound. She’d taken a bold step today. Why not take another?

Although they'd shown their attraction to each other, he hadn’t done anything to indicate he wanted to become her lover, or a live-in one at that. He remained restrained in his interactions with her.

There had been the moment in Rebel Studios earlier today when he’d given her an orgasm in the most delicious way. That could have been the result of his frustration at her because he’d found her in Lekan’s room a week ago.

She’d hurt Freddie and, in all honesty, she hadn’t expected him to forgive her readily. He had the right to reject the invitation to her bed.

He turned, leaning his side against the ivory wall. A slow smile curled one corner of his lips. “You want me to share your bed?”

God, he looked gorgeous when he smiled. Warmth bloomed through her chest, easing some of the tension in her back muscles. “Yes. I’d love to have you in my bed, every night if possible.”

Another brazen statement.

He reached out and cupped her cheek. She leaned into his touch, relishing his callused palm and the tingles spreading out on her skin.

“You know I want you, more than I’ve ever wanted any other woman.”

His enticing, raspy voice and arousing, coarse hand coalesced into bolts of desire, melting her core.

“But the only way I’m going to make love to you is if you choose me as your Dominant. You are my kitten and that’s the way I want you in bed.”

To be continued...

Copyright 2017 Kiru Taye

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