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From the flare of passion in his eyes, he knew she offered more than a sip of fizzy drink #99cents f

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Book Title: Making Scandal

Author: Kiru Taye

Series: The Essiens #2

Formats Available: eBook, Paperback, Audiobook


Sassy, successful Faith Brown has earned her place in the boardroom through hard work and sheer ambition. Making family is not on her agenda when there are businesses to develop and competitors to outdo. So when a casual affair with smooth and irresistible tycoon Mark Essien leads to an unplanned pregnancy, she’s determined not to make the mistakes her mother made by living with a man just for the sake of her child.

For Mark, personal matters have no place in the boardroom. Spotting the perfect opportunity, he ruthlessly launches a takeover bid for Faith’s Investment Brokerage firm. Finding out he’ll soon be a father, he knows he can’t let the indomitable and sexy Faith go through with her plans of single parenthood. All gloves are off. He’ll seduce her by any tactic necessary if it means his child doesn’t suffer the same stigma he did as a child.

With the media dogging their affairs in the boardroom and the bedroom, they find that making family is harder than making scandal.


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Faith sashayed over to the mini bar in the corner, swaying her hips provocatively. Out of her league trying to be sexy, but there existed no other way for her to thaw out the cold Mark.

She leaned her hip against the bar and turned to face him. His gaze appeared heated and he couldn’t seem to take his eyes off her. Her heart pounded as she lifted her glass to her lips before taking a sip of the lemonade.

"Would you like a taste?" She tilted her glass towards him.

From the flare of passion in his eyes, he knew she was offering more than a sip of fizzy drink. He'd used the same phrase before he’d kissed her in her kitchen. Now, she wanted him to kiss her again.

Tension oozed off his body.

"You’re playing with fire," he said as he took a step towards her.

"I’m not playing," she replied, her gaze hooked on his.

"A taste won’t be enough," he growled, his tone husky as he took another step.

"Take as much as you want," she said, her voice now hoarse and low as the whoosh of rushing blood in her ears got louder.

"I want everything...I want all of you."

He stood in front of her but didn’t touch her. He shoved his hands in his pockets as if he fought not to reach for her. The arc of electricity between them sizzled. Body trembling, she didn’t know how long she could stand there, glad at least the bar propped her up.


She couldn’t believe she was agreeing to this. But as Ebony had pointed out, she only had one life and as lovely as it was, there seemed to be something missing at the moment.


He smiled for the first time that she’d seen that day. His gaze swept over her from head to toes before returning to her lips. Was he going to kiss her now? Her body vibrated with expectation.

"Did you bring your car?" she asked, taking another sip.

"Yes. Why?" One dark eyebrow quirked up.

"Mine’s in for a service and I think we should get to your place. It’s closer." Heart pounding, she slipped past him to go pick up her bag. He grabbed her arm, his thumb brushing against her skin.

"Faith, there’s no reason to rush."

"Really? You’ve waited a year to have me, and now when I’m offering myself, you still want to wait some more?" She raised her brow.

"You’ve got a point there. I’ll tell Felix we’re heading off."


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