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Get in the holiday mood | BOUND TO PASSION #holidayromance #TeaserTuesday

Hi, sweetie. Can you believe Die Hard is already showing on the TV for the season? That is my indicator that Christmas is on the way. Oh, yes. Die Hard is a Christmas movie. 😀

Do you have a movie that gets you in the holiday mood?

I have stories that get us in the mood. So I'm going to share teasers from my holiday romances. Starting with Bound to Passion, which is book 3 in the Bound series.

It follows Christy and Joshua whose troubled marriage might get a second chance if that can stop long enough to pay attention to each other.

This story is quite close to my heart and it's about all the feels with this one.

Enjoy the teaser.

When she blew a breath against his lips, he tangled one hand in her kinky hair and splayed the other across her round behind. Tilting her head back, he took over the kiss. He swept his tongue across her lips before delving into their partition, a man starved of her delightfully succulent bounty. With his tongue, he razed and subjugated her mouth. With his lips, he drank, fueling his already raging cravings.

She swayed into him, her grip on his shoulders tightening. Her scent intoxicated him and threatened to drive him over the edge. Urging him to take her, to spread her on the sofa and show her what she’d been missing. What she’d miss, if she got what she was asking for. To remind her of the pleasure she’d been denying him—them—these long months.

Instead, he released her and stepped back, his movement brusque. He didn’t care. If he didn’t stop now, they’d be on the sofa with him inside her within a matter of moments. They’d both have pleasure and satisfaction. But only temporarily.

What he had in mind fitted more into the long term.

“I’m going to Brass Island for the festivities and you’re coming with me,” he said as he tried to control his fast, shallow breathing.

She appeared dazed and a blush colored her cheeks.

“I have other plans for Christmas,” she replied, sounding out of breath. Same as him.

“Cancel them. I’ll call you to confirm travel arrangements.”

“Fine. I’ll cancel.” She twisted her lips in displeasure.

He ignored her sulk. “If you say this relationship is over, then I want two weeks with you to get you out of my system. No friends or family. Just the sun, sea, and sand to distract us. After that, I’ll sign your divorce papers. Agreed?”


“Good. I’ll see myself out.”

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