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He'd hurt her | Valentine by Kiru Taye #LAPLoveNotes #Romance

Welcome back to #LAPLoveNotes where writers share teasers from the work-in-progress or published stories. Are you a writer and want to join in the fun, add the link to your post HERE.

This week's teaser comes from Valentine, book 1 from the Challenge series. The first contemporary romance story I published.

She jerked her head up. Her eyes – bloodshot, distressed. Her face, tear-stained.

His heart split, pain shooting through him. He knew instantly it was his fault. He’d hurt her.

Growling at his own high-handedness, he stepped into her room before she could react. Scooped her up, kicking the door shut with his foot. He carried her to the sofa, sat her in his lap and wrapped his arms around her.

She broke down again, her quiet sobs racking her body in tremors.

He rocked her body, soothing her with soft words.

"Obi m. Ndo. Ebezina." My heart. I’m sorry. Stop crying.


Valentine is FREE to download from all the usual ebooksellers.



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