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He hadn’t been expecting his cousin to know much about his personal life #SexySnippets

Happy Sunday, sweeties. Welcome to the first sexy snippets of 2018.

I'm continuing with another snippet from The Gift. This week I want to take you back to the first chapter of the story and show you a peek into the mind of a Danladi.

In this scene, Kamali is in a business meeting with Henry Coker. They are cousins but they're not exactly close. If you've read Bound to Ransom, you'll know why.


Find our more about the The Gift by checking out the blurb.


“How’s your daughter? Her name is Fari, right?” Henry leaned forward, lower arms on his thighs, head tilted to the side.

Kamali had to make an effort to conceal his surprise at the genuine expression of interest. He hadn’t been expecting his cousin to know much about his personal life or to care, for that matter. They hadn’t been close, not even when they’d been boys, and Henry had lived as a Danladi in Katsina.

Kamali had had enough troubles on his plate to worry about the problems Henry had been experiencing with his father and subsequently, the feud with his brother.

Now a touch of shame scorched his cheeks that he’d never enquired about his cousin or sought him out before now. Unfortunately, being raised as Danladi had fostered the spirit of competitiveness which meant selfish streaks ran in their blood.


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