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Her scent intoxicated him and threatened to drive him over the edge #SexySnippets | #Preorder #99cen

Happy Sunday, sweeties. Hope you're having a great weekend.

My story Bound to Passion is featured in the Desperate Measures box set for a limited time. If you haven't read it, this is a great time to grab a copy along with 12 other stories all for 99 cents ONLY.

Even if you've read it, still grab the box set. It's a great bargain. So don't miss it.

I've got another snippet for you from Bound to Passion. This scene continues from last week's snippet. Enjoy


When she blew a breath against his lips, he tangled one hand in her kinky hair and splayed the other across her round behind. Tilting her head back, he took over the kiss. He swept his tongue across her lips before delving into their partition, a man starved of her delightfully succulent bounty. With his tongue, he razed and subjugated her mouth. With his lips, he drank, fueling his already raging cravings.

She swayed into him, her grip on his shoulders tightening. Her scent intoxicated him and threatened to drive him over the edge.


I hope you enjoyed the snippet. Leave me a comment.

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