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Hoping my muse does not go wandering off in 2018 #writinglife #amwriting

Thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions on which stories to focus on this year.

So someone was asking about what stories to expect from Kiru Taye in 2018.

Every year I aim to release 4 full length stories. It just didn't happen in 2017. Let's hope my muse doesn't go walkies again in 2018.

So baring any mega life incidents that prevents me from accomplishing my goals, here are the stories in the pipeline.

I will dub this year, the Year of the Danladis as I aim to release 2 if not 3 books about the Danladis in 2018.

  • The first is The Gift which is Kamali Danladi's story. Kamali is Henry Coker's cousin (You met Henry in Bound to Fate and Bound to Ransom.)

  • I also plan to release James Coker's story this year (James is Henry's brother. You met James in Bound to Ransom.)

  • There is also Malik Danladi's story to come. Malik is Henry Coker's half brother.

  • I also have a collaboration project with Nana Prah and Empi Baryeh coming this year. I can't tell you too much now. But I promise you'll love it.

  • And of course there is Sacrifice, the sequel to Outcast, coming this soon as well.

I'll give you release dates as soon as I know them.



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