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"I have no wish to leave, my prince." #sexysnippets #asmsg #historicalromance

Welcome back to sexy snippets. This is a fun weekly meme where we share 7 sentences from a published book or work in progress. Feel free to join us by adding your sexy snippets post link HERE or check out the page on Facebook or Twitter.

Today's sexy snippet comes from His Princess, book 3 in the Men of Valor Series. This is longer than seven sentences but I didn't want you to lose the context of the scene. Enjoy.

"I have no wish to leave, my prince," she said finally when she got her voice back.

"But you have no desire to share my bed. Is that correct?"

"Yes." She nodded. She lowered her lashes to shield her eyes, afraid he would see the truth in them as her body quivered with the thought of feeling his skin against hers.

She felt his warm smooth hand under her chin, lifting it till she had to look into his eyes.

"Then you need not fear. I have never forced a woman into my bed. I'll not start with you." He paused before continuing. "I want to look into your eyes when you talk to me. And you should always speak you mind. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes, my prince." Her voice was barely above a hoarse whisper as she struggled to speak.

Having his hand on her flesh started a fire on her skin that burned all the way down to her belly. The temptation to lean into his hand, to have it brand her grew to a frightening level. His thumb played an arrhythmic beat on her chin and the will to withdraw from his touch left her.

Thank you for reading. Find out more about His Princess and the Men of Valor series HERE.

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