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Is there a chance to explore true feelings between them? #SexySnippets #Romance

Welcome back to Sexy Snippets.

In this week's snippet, Kamali and Ebun are back in Lagos after their week in Katsina with Kamali's family where they pretended to be engaged.

Now, it's back to reality, but is there a chance to explore true feelings between them? Keep reading.

Forgive me, this is longer than seven sentences. But they are short sentences.

Find out more about the Bound to Favor.


There was another longish pause before a reply came from Ebun.

You know if I open the door, it won’t be fake anymore. I won’t be acting. Everything that passes between us will be real.

Kamali sighed and typed.

I know.

She responded.

I don’t want a fake fiancé.

Again he typed.

I know.

The next text came immediately.

I want a real one.


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