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#midweektease Trope: forced proximity | Book: BOUND TO RANSOM #steamyromance

Welcome back to mid-week tease where I've been sharing trope-themed excerpts from my books.

This week continues with the forced proximity theme and I've chosen another steamy book, this time from the Bound series, BOUND TO RANSOM.

Did you know that Bound to Ransom is one of my comfort reads? Henry Coker is one of my favourite characters that I've written, second only to Azikiwe Saene. who tops my fave list.

Henry and Gloria first appear in Bound to Fate. In Bound to Ransom, the gist is that Henry made a deal to rescue Gloria's father's company and the deal includes her. I'll let the teaser speak for itself. Enjoy.

“What are you doing?”

Before she could finish the question, he pushed her against the shut door and kissed her, his body pinning her in place. The moment she responded and became pliant, he broke the kiss and locked the door before pocketing the key. He would keep her off balance until she learned to accept his dominance.

Gloria remained on the spot, panting, eyes glazed, mouth opened and hands splayed on the wooden slab as if to keep upright.

Temptation to delve back in, to lift her skirt up and drive his hard cock into her warm pussy exactly where she stood, rode his blood like galloping wild horses. At this rate, he’d go crazy by the time he played this out. He’d been in her mouth no more than two hours ago. Now, his erection sat like a brick in his trousers.

Turning his back to her, he inhaled deeply and surveyed the room. A small wooden desk and brown leather arm chair stood at one end overlooking a shuttered window. In the corner, a tall file drawer stood propped against the wall. A small sofa matching the arm chair sat behind the door. He placed the box on the table and pulled the chair around.

“Come and sit down.” The sofa would’ve been more comfortable. Then again, they wouldn’t be here if she hadn’t disregarded his orders.

She crossed her arms over her chest and didn’t budge.

He leaned against the desk and crossed one ankle over the other. “I gave you specific instructions this evening, which you disobeyed. I warned you there would be a punishment for not complying.”

“I’m not a fucking child you can command to do things.” Those emerald eyes of hers blazed with fury. Nose flaring, she held her chin high.


About Bound to Ransom (Bound series #2)

Since the death of her mother, Gloria Rawlins' life has been a string of disappointments by the people she cares about; first by her father and then in a series of disastrous relationships that have shattered pieces of her heart one after another. She knows she's no angel and refuses to make herself vulnerable to anyone again. Until one man threatens to strip away the wall shielding her heart.

Henry Coker is not afraid of challenges. Abandoned by his father and raised by a single mother, he's had to work hard from the bottom up to prove himself to his peers and the world. But Gloria, the one person he desires above all others remains out of reach until an opportunity presents itself and he has the chance to buy her from her father.

Despite their incongruous arrangement, desire like theirs cannot be hidden and passion sizzles between them. But making someone fall in love may just be a challenge too far.

Bound to Ransom is a story about breaking the cycle of self-destruction, finding redemption and the powerful love that endures.

Available in ebook, paperback and audiobook



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