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#midweektease Trope: forced proximity | Book: CAPTIVE #steamyromance

Welcome back to mid-week tease where I've been sharing trope-themed excerpts from my books.

First of all, happy birthday to me. ❤️🎉🎁🎈🎂🍾

This week continues with the forced proximity theme and I've chosen another steamy book, this time from the Challenge series: Captive.

So the gist is that Anuli and Tope met in Worthy when Anuli broke her employment contract with Peter (co-owner of Park Hotels) and he instructed Tope (Head of Security at Park Hotels, PHC) to keep an eye on her because he'd already paid her for a year in advance. Fast-forward into the Captive, Anuli stops going to work and ends up in Tope's snare.

In this scene, Anuli goes to buy a gun from Bosco but to her shock Tope shows up and she's about to get more than she bargained. Enjoy the teaser.

She stared at him with narrowed eyes. This man wasn’t budging. He was going to call her bluff. She couldn’t call Tessa, let alone report him to Peter. Damn him.

“If you’re not leaving, then that’s your business but I’m going to complete my deal with Bosco.”

He turned his attention to Bosco. “What are you selling her?”

She swivelled to Bosco. “Don’t tell him!”

He ignored her request. “A Colt 45 semi.”

Anuli growled in frustration and clenched her hands into fists.

Tope sucked in air through his teeth. “This my woman na hard babe. How much she give you?”

“Eighty. But she say she go settle the balance.”

The two men continued the conversation as if she wasn’t in the room with them.

“Hello! I’m right here. You can’t talk about me as if I’m not here.” She stomped her foot.

Tope tilted his head to the side and looked at her. “So how are you planning on completing the payment for the gun?”

“It’s none of your business,” she snapped.

“I think we’ve already established that it is my business. You are my woman. The sooner you accept it, the sooner we move on.”

“I’m not your woman, damn you.”

“If you say so,” he said in a mocking tone that made it seem she was protesting too much.

Even Bosco didn’t seem to believe her claim if the smirk on his face was anything to go by. What was it with men anyway?

“Mr Bosco, how are we going to do this? Maybe I should bring your balance tomorrow.” She clutched her purse to her side.

“That’s not what we agreed. It’s payment on delivery.” He grinned at her.

“You want to collect the balance now?” Her voice rang with shock.

“Of course. That’s what we agreed. Otherwise, you leave the gun and come back when you’re ready to pay the full price. Mind you, the price might go up next time.” He winked at her.

He was blackmailing her. Damn him. Damn Tope. Did they plan this? How was that possible?

She turned her glare on Tope, dropping her bag on the sofa. “You do realise that I’m supposed to pay him in kind. Through sex.”

“That’s one option. Or you could admit that you’re my woman. And I’ll pay the balance for you.”

“Are you fucking deaf? I’m not your woman. Get over it.” The whole thing was beginning to irritate her.

“In that case, get on the bed and let Bosco fuck you.” He pointed at the divan.

She raised one brow, hands akimbo. “And you’re just going to sit there?”

“Yes. It shouldn’t matter. You say you’re not mine and Bosco invited me to be here. So go ahead.” He waved his hand as if urging her on. “I like watching anyway.”


About CAPTIVE (Challenge series #4)

With her BFF and ex-lover now happily engaged to the man of her dreams, Anuli Okoro is left to her own devices. She's happy for her best friend. But she's accepted that there can never be a fairy tale ending for her. She's too damaged to ever fit with anyone else. So she's getting on with her life the only way she knows how.

Until she pushes too far and lands herself in hot water. Or rather in cuffs and chains, captive to an annoyingly sexy man who sees the darkness inside her and isn't fazed by it. Fighting him doesn't work because he seems to know her too well. Seems to know how to make her beg for what he can give her.

But she'll be damned if she'll let another man control her. The only option is to escape his infernal contraptions and run, before he totally consumes her.

Available in ebook and paperback



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