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#midweektease Trope: forced proximity | Book: Osagie Bad Santa

Welcome back to mid-week tease where I've been sharing trope-themed excerpts from my books.

We're still discussing the forced proximity trope and this week I'm sharing from Osagie: Bad Santa which is the third book in the Enders series.

The gist is that Gina's sister steals money from crime boss Osagie and he abducts Gina to lure her sister back and get his money back. But Gina isn't quite ready to play victim.

In this scene, Gina comes face to face with Osagie for the first time after the abduction and she's not making his life easy. Enjoy.

“Hello again, Georgina,” Osagie said, keeping his voice soft, unthreatening, perhaps even enticing. He wasn’t in the business of scaring women and hoped the gentle approach would appease her.

He just wanted to get through the next few days as calmly as possible until her sister returned.

Metal in the back pocket of her jeans caught the light as she shuffled across the bed. She stood on the other side, arms crossed over chest, plumping her boobs, chin tilted up.

“I can’t say the pleasure is mine, Osagie. I don’t want to be here,” she said, nose wrinkled, lips twisted in disgust.

For the first time since Osagie met the woman, severe displeasure rolled over him. His muscles quivered, and he fought not to grind his teeth in anger.

She might look like any man’s wet dream in the body-hugging jeans and V-neck jersey. But the arrogant, scornful expression on her face riled him and reminded him of his former in-laws.

It seemed Georgina had taken one look at him, judged him, and found him wanting. Like he was some filth, she tried to scrap off her shoes.

Okay. He’d taken her by force. So, he deserved her derision, and he was used to being sneered at, all his life.

Yet, this one stung and he couldn’t explain it.

If she wanted to be aggressive, he could play the game too. His softly-softly approach didn’t seem to be working anyway. It hadn’t worked last night either.

If she was bent on casting him as a villain, he would play along.

He stepped across the threshold. “I can say that we are agreed on that point, Ms Badu. I don’t want you in my home either.”

Her gasp was audible, and her eyes widened. Then her face twisted into a sneer. “Then let me go.”

“Oh, I can’t do that.” He changed the subject, moving onto something less contentious. He didn’t like fighting with her. What was the point? “You haven’t eaten all day. Tut. Tut. Tut. As an athlete, you should know the importance of every meal.”

She grimaced and averted her gaze, chin dipping.

Sign she knew he was correct. She should’ve eaten. She didn’t have enough body fat for her body to burn. It would start breaking down muscles if she didn’t eat soon. And that wasn’t good.

“I’m not going to allow you to drug me again,” she said in an annoyed voice.

He stopped a few feet away, tilted his head and said in a low voice, trying to sound reassuring. “I won’t drug you again as long as you don’t try to run again. You can eat dinner with me this evening.”

Raising her eyebrows, she offered a questioning gaze. “You mean you’re going to let me out of this room?”

“Of course.” He took a couple of steps forward.

She did the opposite. Moving away until her back hit the wall and there was nowhere for her to run.

His heart hammered in his chest, and his gut tightened. Not liking her response. Still, he understood it.

“I know you like the outdoors,” he continued. “So, in a few days, you’ll have all the space and freedom to run again.”

She swallowed rapidly, nodding as she bit her bottom lip.

The bright optimism on her face sent warmth through him. The expression was like the one she’d given him in the park.

They stared at each other, and it seemed the world stopped. The steady eye contact made him want to demolish the space between them.

Something happened to him when he was near her. And like yesterday morning, he got sucked into her orbit and seemed to lose himself.

Desire punched his gut. He wanted to touch Georgina, to be caressed in return. Her hands stroking his skin, branding him.

The same need reflected in her sultry gaze. Her pink tongue ran over moist lips, and her throat rippled. Her breathing was choppy.

Heart thumping hard, he leaned in. A few inches closer, and he could taste her sweet lips, caress her smooth skin.

“Sir, the food is ready,” Nathaniel’s voice came through the open door, breaking the spell.

Georgina stiffened, averting her gaze as if ashamed to be caught this close to him.

“Thank you, Nathaniel. We’ll be down shortly.” Osagie tilted his head, giving her space. The spell was broken. Just as well.

Whatever was brewing between them shouldn’t happen. She was the sweet lady next door. He was … the opposite of sweet.


Although Gina Badu is a good girl all-year-round, she knows her Christmas wish will never come true. Not with a recent divorce, late parents and a sister who courts trouble.

Then Santa abducts her in the middle of the night. Except this Santa is bad—a silver fox of a tattooed fallen angel.

Osagie Peters is a ruthless, cartel boss whose dark soul threatens to consume her. He scares her as much as he fascinates her. It seems he’s got her on the naughty list. Still, there’s a chance she might have a Merry Christmas for the first time in years.



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