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Need your votes. Will you help? There's also a giveaway or two.

It's been a hectic couple of weeks as we get ready for another year to end.

First of all, thank you to everyone who stopped by and participated in the Color of Love Hop 2017 event. I hope you had fun discovering new books and authors.

I've picked a winner for the giveaway on my blog. The prize goes to: ELF.

Congratulations, ELF! To claim your gift, please contact me via email.

For everyone else, there still a chance to win more. Keep reading.

In other news, Bound to Ransom made the Book of the Year shortlist at the Ufere Awards. The Ufere Awards recognises and celebrate outstanding African romance stories and authors.

I'm also in the running for Author of the Year, which means I need your votes. This has been a shitty year in Kiru's world. Let's hope it ends on a high.

Every vote counts. So, pretty please, go and VOTE. As always, I appreciate your continued support. Thank you in advance.

Are you a super fan? Have you read most, if not all of my books? Then this giveaway is for you.

There's also a chance to enter another giveaway on Facebook.



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