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Nothing beats a passionate kiss #SexySnippets | #Preorder Desperate Measures box set #99cents limite

Happy Sunday, sweeties. Hope you're having a great weekend.

My story Bound to Passion is featured in the Desperate Measures box set for a limited time. If you haven't read it, this is a great time to grab a copy along with 12 other stories all for 99 cents ONLY.

Even if you've read it, still grab the box set. It's a great bargain. So don't miss it.

As such I've got a snippet for you from Bound to Passion. The scene explains itself. Nothing beats a passionate kiss. Enjoy


From the moment she brushed her soft lips against his, the world around them combusted. The stockpile of desire from the past few months overwhelmed his body, setting his blood on fire. He couldn’t remember a time when things were different between them. When they didn’t have this raw heat of burning passion that consumed both of them with need for each other. No other woman ever made him feel this way.

Even after the separation, their ardor hadn’t waned. He didn’t think it’d ever change.


I hope you enjoyed the snippet. Leave me a comment.

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