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One day left!

ICYMI: Stuff your eReaders with this promotion which includes Valentine (Challenge series book 1) and over 2400 other eBooks, running from September 20th to 22nd only.

If you’re like me that number of free books is overwhelming. Let’s face it, trawling through over 2000 books is not rice and beans (peas). So, here’s a hack to getting to the books you want quickly.

On the home page www.romancebookworms.comfirst select your preferred reading app (Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Apple or Google Play).

Then you have a choice of categories—contemporary, fantasy, etc. NOTE: there is a Black Romance category! Yay! As well as stories with BIPOC characters or Queer characters.

So for example, if you chose Google Play as your reading app, and Black Romance as your category, you will see all the listed free Black Romance books available on Google Play.

Not every listed free book is available on every app. You can always go back and chose a different reading app and see what extra books you can download free.

Get it? Happy clicking and reading.



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