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Open your eyes and look at the world at your feet #SexySnippets #IRRomance

Welcome back to Sexy Snippets.

Following on from last week's snippet, I'm sharing from Secrets, Passion Shields book 2, the continuation from Scars.

In this scene, Ben and Selina are on the balcony of their home overlooking the River Thames.

Pardon me. It's longer than 7 sentences but that's to give you context. Enjoy.

Chelsea Bridge, interracial couple, black woman white man, bwwm


"Open your eyes and look at the world at your feet, Lina." His warm breath whispered on the skin of her neck, making it prickle. A tremble travelled down her spine. Compelled, she lifted her eyelids. The Chelsea Bridge was lit up with bright amber and white lights in the distance, cars rolling along in either direction. Across the river, the trees on the embankment obscured her view. She surmised that if she couldn’t see the people walking along the pavement, then perhaps they couldn’t see her either. "You know I would give you the world, if only you would trust me." He continued, his low voice turning her insides into mush. Her breaths came in short pants as she fought to control her feelings.


I hope you enjoyed the snippet. Leave me a comment.

Secrets is available from Evernight Publishing and other eBook Retailers.

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