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Read the teaser from XANDRA #romanticsuspense #comingsoon

Hey, sweeties. How are you?

Some weeks come along and knock you sideways. This one is one of them for me. Sigh.

Anyway, it's Friday. So, yay! Let's celebrate the weekend with a teaser from Xandra.

To set the scene:

Xandra was sent to kill Ebuka. But she turns up at his ranch as Allie because some things don't add up about the assignment and she's investigating. She has a one-night stand with Ebuka who ends it afterwards. She's not quite ready to walk away yet. So she's tied him up in a hotel room. LOL


Ebuka growled as lust flooded his vein.

The threat in Allie’s voice floated between them, adding to the violence that vibrated in the air.

He lifted his bound hands, trying to sit up.

“Stay where you are.” She pulled his legs, dragging him down the bed so the tie was stretched tight.

He glared at her and she only smiled in return.

If he could sit up, he’d be able to loosen the knot on the lamp and eventually free his hands. He could yank hard. But that would damage the wall furniture.

There was a time he wouldn’t have cared about damaging property. A time he wouldn’t have let anyone tie him up.

But he’d outgrown that boy. Moved on. Gone legit. Become a gentleman.

Still there was a reason his ancestors had coined the proverb “whether it is dead or alive, do not touch a lion by its tail” because you didn’t know if it would jump up and bite you in the ass.

Someone should have warned Allie.

Because she was stirring the beast inside him. The part he’d tried to bury.

In any case, Ebuka had nothing to prove to her. So he’d allowed her to tie him up.

However, it seemed she had something to prove.

He’d never seen her like this.

Like a changeling, she’d gone from cold and distant at their first meeting to warm and passionate during their night in the cabin, determined and diligent while working on the farm and playful and protective with Ginika over the past few days.

Now her eyes blazed with jealousy and fury. She was willing to defy his order, knowing the outcome would be punishment.

“Allie, let’s talk about this.” He tried to get back some control.

She climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees, her body bare, tawny brown skin, scars on her hip, thigh and arm, intense amber eyes filled with lust.

His heart stuttered. The urge to touch her made his palms itch and his mouth water.

Oh, he would make her ass sore but he would fuck her.

“Your version of talking is you telling me what to do.” She crawled across the bed, smooth like a cat. “Now is the time for you to listen to me.”

Mesmerised, his words froze in his throat. He blinked, watching her move until she stopped between his spread legs.

“Don’t think that because I choose to yield to you that I have no say in what happens between us?” She wrapped her warm hand around his dick, her hold rough.

A ragged moan ripped out of him. Heat spiked through his blood. His limbs weakened, thighs falling apart.

“I have an equal stake in this.” She stroked him, up and down.

He opened his mouth to dispute, but the words died as all his brain cells focused on feeling instead of talking.


Did you enjoy that?

Let me know what you think.

Check out all the previous teasers from Xandra.

Have a fab weekend. 💜💜💜


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Kiru Taye
Kiru Taye
22 ago 2020

Ngozi, not long now. 💕

Me gusta

Looking forward to the book.

Me gusta
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