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#Romance blossoms while planning the best wedding in Ghana @NanaPrah #Giveaway

One of my writing buddies, has a new book out. Nana Prah's latest book, Destiny Awakened is a contemporary romance set in Ghana. Yes, you read that right. It's another wonderful African romance. Check out the gorgeous cover below. I love it. Don't you? <3

Scroll down for more information. Nana is also giving away $20 Giftcard.

Title: Destiny Awakened

Series: Destiny #4

Author: Nana Prah

Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance

Published: November 6, 2016

Publisher: Decadent Publishing

Buy Links:


After enduring a traumatic event as a child, Gloria Anokye isn’t sure she’ll ever be enough for any man. With no other option, she entrusts her romantic future into the hands of Esi, midwife-turned-matchmaker. In the meantime, the one guy she’s ever desired has the power to destroy her newfound career as a wedding planner.

Kamal Lawrence has less than six weeks to plan his sister’s wedding. With the help of a wedding planner, they might be able to pull off the best wedding Ghana has ever seen. The trick is to fight off the attraction exploding between them. Once Kamal realizes there’s no way he can or will be able to stay away from Gloria, he plans his seduction.

Will she fall into his arms or keep it strictly professional?


A few moments passed. Just as Gloria inhaled to give her big speech, he said, “Back in college I was engaged to a Ghanaian woman who dumped me for a guy who lived in Germany when I couldn’t get her to Canada fast enough.”

His story didn’t sound all that traumatic, but she’d keep her opinion to herself. “I’m sorry. You must’ve really loved her.”

His nod did the equivalent of shooting an arrow through her heart. She hated the thought of him having feelings for anyone. Other than me. “I don’t even know what to say,” she said. “Ghanaian females make up more than half of the population. Are you saying you hate us all because of a single one who was too stupid to recognize what a wonderful man she had?” Gloria shook her head. “She’s not worth it. There are a lot of great women here. You can’t close yourself off from us. It’s not fair. We all need the opportunity to get to know you.”

Kamal chuckled. “Do you think I’m such a great catch?”

She wouldn’t want him in her bed if she didn’t. “Stop digging for compliments when you already know the truth. You just have to be more discerning.” Then she realized she’d just attempted to unleash this charismatic man onto the unsuspecting Ghanaian populace. She pointed a threatening finger his way. “Don’t abuse us either.”

He turned to her with a sparkle in his eyes. “I never said I didn’t sleep with Ghanaian women, only that I didn’t date them for the long haul.”

“Lucky us,” she said in the driest tone she could manage. Inside, her heart did a dance. Would he be willing to have sex with her if she asked? Why am I thinking about it? It’ll never happen. She’d never jeopardize their business rapport for a moment of what she hoped would be the most sensual experience of her life.

Gloria studied his face. The sharp cheekbones, the slight upturn of his nose, his full lips, and the intelligence which glistened in his dark-brown eyes made her think of someone who could take care of any problem that came his way. What woman didn’t want that? And yet he had a boyish charm about him, especially when he smiled, like now. Her stomach tumbled in the most appealing way.

“You’re not telling me anything my family hasn’t already told me,” Kamal said.

“Why haven’t you listened?”

He held her gaze and his voice got an octave deeper. “Maybe I had no reason to before.”



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