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She deserved someone who could be devoted to her #SexySnippets #Romance

Happy Sunday, sweeties.

Did you see the post about the change in title and release date for my upcoming book?

In this week's snippet, Kamali is struggling with his attraction to Ebun.


Find out more about the Bound to Favor.


He’d developed immunity to women over the years. Once in a while he'd be caught off guard as his craving for her engulfed him like a tsunami threatening to sweep away his control.

He’d sworn never to fall for another woman. Although he’d been attracted to Ebun from the first day he’d met her, he hadn't touched her. She seemed the kind for whom a casual fling would never be enough. And as he’d come to know her over the years he’d decided she deserved someone who could be devoted to her.

Not him.


I hope you enjoyed the snippet. Leave me a comment.

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