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She looked absolutely stunning and so out of his league #SexySnippets #AARomance

Welcome back to Sexy Snippets, which has its home over at thanks to the lovely Doris O'Connor. If you've been thinking of joining in, then please do. Just visit the link above and add the link to your post to the linky list.

Happy Mother's Day from the UK!

The countdown to the release of Freddie Entangled is on. Official release date is March 31. So today I bring you the first sexy snippet from Freddie Entangled.

First, let me give you a brief description of the story.

Freddie Entangled

Violence marked Freddie Edun's early years. Coming to work for the Essiens saved him from the angry young man he was and gave him focus. Now he's walking the path of success, and partnership in Banks Security business is within reach. He just has to seal this deal with a potential customer first. Until he meets the client's wife, and the deal risks taking a nose dive.

Kike Ogun married young to a man who dazzled her with his bogus charm. She’s lived like a caged bird for many years, but with a looming milestone birthday on the horizon, she is determined to walk a new path of self-love. If she could just ignore the electrifying and forbidden attraction she feels towards a younger man from the first moment they meet.

With a devious husband who refuses to let go, she’s going to need help—Freddie’s protection—to stay alive long enough to celebrate her upcoming birthday. And she’s going to have to give in to her dark passion for him and finally unleash the natural woman inside. If it's only sex, then what's love got to do it?


Now for the Sexy Snippet. Let me set the scene.

Freddie is at Kike's home to do a security assessment. She is a famous actress and he's been watching her on screen since his teenage years.

In this scene he meets her in real life for the first time. He might be a little star struck. *wink*


He found a sofa and lowered his body to it, but didn’t get comfortable before the tapping of heels against marble flooring drew his attention to the door as someone walked into the living room.


His heart stopped beating. His muscles stiffened, and his breath stalled.

Wow. No amount of television screens or glossy photographs had prepared him for seeing her in real life.

For a woman almost forty years of age, she didn’t appear to be a day over thirty. With jet black hair cascading down her shoulders in waves, flawless skin the colour of caramel, and a silk multi-print maxi dress shimmering down her curvy body, she looked absolutely stunning and so out of his league.


How about that for a first impression?

Did you enjoy the snippet? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Want more from Freddie Entangled? You can now read the full Chapter One.

You can also preorder a copy.

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