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Shower her with attention #SexySnippets from A Very Essien Christmas

Hello, sweeties. Welcome back to sexy snippets.

Can you believe it's the last Sunday before Christmas? Are you ready? Well, I'm almost ready. Christmas tree and decorations are up. The food has been ordered. Just need to get a few more presents. The older kids are at the ages where they don't want toys. So it's trickier buying for them.

Now for the snippet. A Very Essien Christmas is out in five days. Enjoy this little teaser.

"Felix," she called his name on a rapturous, breathless sigh.

His tongue swirled around the concealed gem, cajoling and teasing it with delicate flicks. Pregnancy meant Ebony she was ultra responsive. When she’d been carrying Alex, she’d needed very little incitement to achieve orgasm. And it was no different this time. Not to mention that pregnant Ebony was also sexy Ebony. He loved nothing more than to shower her with attention with every part of him.

A Very Essien Christmas is out 23 December 2016. Pre-order your copy for just 99c/99p.

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