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So many unanswered questions. Keeping Secrets #MidWeekTease #ContemporaryRomance

Happy Hump Day, sweeties.

If you enjoy box sets, I have good news for you.

The first 3 books in the Essien series are now available in one handy, bargain box set.

So for this week's teaser, I'm sharing from Keeping Secrets, book 1 of the series.



Secrets, Scandals, and Seduction under African skies. The Essiens are the kings of African finance. A close-knit family, their father is the patriarch of a finance dynasty that ranges from retail to investment banking spanning the African continent. Yet all is not as it seems as the three brothers—Felix, Mark and Tony—soon discover when their family is rocked by secrets and scandals. Blood ties or not, family is family. If you like your book boyfriends to be tall, dark and handsome billionaires then say hello to the Essien brothers.

This box set includes:

  • Keeping Secrets #1 (Felix and Ebony)

  • Making Scandal #2 (Mark and Faith)

  • Riding Rebel #3 (Tony and Rita)


Now for the teaser.

“Ebony, wake up.”

She stirred, her face pushing into his hand, a sleepy smile on her face. The curtain of long dark lashes lifted, revealing blurry, golden-brown eyes he didn't tire of watching.

“Felix!” Seeming startled, she bolted upright. “What are you doing? You—you shouldn’t be sitting up like this.”

Worry lines furrowed her brows as she stared at his injured leg and pushed the hair off her face.

“It’s okay. The doctor says I can start moving, albeit slowly.” He grinned at her, drifting his hand to her chin and lifting it up so her eyes met his. “Moreover, I’ve been strapped up in this bed for too long.”

She still didn’t look convinced. “Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure.” He patted the space beside him on the bed with his other hand. “Come.”

She looked at him as if he was a man-eating lion. He nodded to encourage her and took her hand to help her up. The bed depressed as she settled on it. Their bodies didn’t touch. Yet, her heat seeped into his skin, with a strong need to pull her closer. She looked up at him, her eyes a golden pool that fascinated him. In their depths, he could see desire. Something else he couldn’t decipher shadowed that emotion.

So many unanswered questions. They wouldn’t all be answered today.

“What are you doing here?” He’d ordered her to take the day off. So had his father.

“I know what you and Daddy said.” She looked away from him. “I met up with my friend for lunch and I enjoyed being pampered at the spa. But I’ve been here every day since you’ve been hospitalised and it felt strange not seeing you.”

“But the shouldn’t sleep in it.”

Shoulders rose and fell as she looked up at him through her long, dark lashes.

“When I arrived, you were asleep, so I decided to read. I didn’t realise I was so tired. I just drifted to sleep.” She bit her bottom lip, drawing his attention to it.

The need to kiss her overpowered him. On impulse, he settled a hand on her back, pulling her close. With the other, he lifted her chin and lowered his head to meet hers.

Muscles on her back tensed. He massaged her skin like he would a skittish horse before a game of polo. With gentle brushes, he swept his lips across hers. The sealed, luscious pair called him to mine their depths. Instead, he coaxed and stroked and traced them with his tongue from one end to the other, bidding his time.

He’d caught a glimpse of her banked passion yesterday when he asked about their wedding night. No matter what else went on, they desired each other. Mutual attraction.

With a low moan, she leaned in and opened for him.

As he slipped in, her sweet flavour exploded on his tongue. She tasted of peppermint and vanilla. In the recesses of his mind, the kiss registered. He’d done this before. Tasted her.

A groan rumbled within and he slid his hands around her waist and lifted her onto his lap so that she straddled him.

Whimpering, she rubbed against him, hips canting against hips, supple breasts crushed to his chest.

Needing intimate contact, he ran a palm over her side, skimming the swell of soft breasts down to the hem of her tunic. He lifted it, his hand making contact with smooth, warm skin. Another moan escaped her lips. He swallowed it, loving her sound and taste. Moving his hand up till it reached her breast, he caressed it through the lace of her bra, flicking the already taut nipple with his thumb.

In response, she ground against his bulge.

Sweet fuck!

Fighting the urge to remove her tunic and take her nipples into his mouth, to strip her bare and take her on the hospital bed, he broke off the kiss. They both panted as he took a steadying breath to control his raging body. Her glazed eyes looked lost, her lips parted.

The vibrating phone prevented him from delving back in.


Did you enjoy the teaser? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Please add Captive to your Goodreads TBR.

Grab you copy of The Essiens: Billionaires box set for $4.99 instead of $6.99 if bought individually.

Don't forget to check out the fab writers participating in Mid Week Tease, thanks to Angelica Dawson.



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