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Something awakened inside her, a natural instinct she’d buried #SexySnippets

Welcome back to Sexy Snippets, which has its home over at thanks to the lovely Doris O'Connor. If you've been thinking of joining in, then please do. Just visit the link above and add the link to your post to the linky list.

I'm sharing another sexy snippet from Freddie Entangled which is my latest release.

First, let me give you a brief description of the story.

Freddie Entangled

Violence marked Freddie Edun's early years. Coming to work for the Essiens saved him from the angry young man he was and gave him focus. Now he's walking the path of success, and partnership in Banks Security business is within reach. He just has to seal this deal with a potential customer first. Until he meets the client's wife, and the deal risks taking a nose dive.

Kike Ogun married young to a man who dazzled her with his bogus charm. She’s lived like a caged bird for many years, but with a looming milestone birthday on the horizon, she is determined to walk a new path of self-love. If she could just ignore the electrifying and forbidden attraction she feels towards a younger man from the first moment they meet.

With a devious husband who refuses to let go, she’s going to need help—Freddie’s protection—to stay alive long enough to celebrate her upcoming birthday. And she’s going to have to give in to her dark passion for him and finally unleash the natural woman inside. If it's only sex, then what's love got to do it?


Now for the Sexy Snippet. This follows on directly from last week's snippet.

A security team is at Kike's home to do an assessment. She is expecting to see Kola Banks as part of team but gets Freddie instead.

This is a little longer than seven sentences, so forgive me.


“Good afternoon, Mrs. Ogun. My name is Freddie Edun, and this is Benson Okoti. We’re here from Banks Security for the risk assessment meeting.” His voice had a smoky, crushed velvet quality that shimmered over her skin.

Something awakened inside her, a natural instinct she’d buried for long. Her pulse quickened. Like loose thread, it unravelled inside her, making her lower her gaze to the floor.

The sight of the glass-topped coffee table brought her back to her senses. What was going on with her? The only people who’d ever elicited emotions from her in the past few years were the children.

Yet, a few seconds in Freddie’s presence, she sensed a strong instinctive pull towards him.


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