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Such a freaking bad idea | Bound To Liberty #CoverReveal #MidWeekTease

Happy Hump Day, sweeties.

I'm so excited today because I have something special for you. It's cover reveal day for Bound to Liberty, Book 5 of the Bound series.

This is James Coker's story, people!

From the minute I met him whilst writing Bound to Ransom, I knew he was a very special character and he proved himself in his crucial role within the book. So many of you fell in love with him, just like I did.

I'm so glad I can finally sit down and tell his story.

First let me show you the book cover.

Title: Bound To Liberty

Author: Kiru Taye / Kai Tyler

Series: Bound, Book 5

Genre: Contemporary Romance, M/M

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As if life isn’t tough enough for James Coker, rejected and nearly killed by family, he is also a closeted gay man in a country where being gay is outlawed. So when the first man he's ever loved gets engaged to a woman, James’s solution to heartbreak is to indulge in a holiday fling.

In contrast, Ethan Eze has had life relatively easy. Born in the 'Land of the Free' and nurtured within a family where he can be whoever he wants to be, he's a military veteran who is not afraid of going for what he wants. When he meets James, Ethan wants him.

Desire burns between them and soon blurs into devotion. But James is not ready to lose his heart again, certainly not to another man who can eat his cake and have it. Ethan has fought for his country. Now will he fight for love?

Bound to Liberty is a story about breaking free from mental chains and living a life of boundless love.


Now for the teaser. This is a first draft and unedited.

“What’s your plan for the week?” Ethan asked after he strode through the connecting door into the living area of the stylish suite.

“Why do you ask?” James sat on the sofa, flicking channels on the widescreen TV mounted on the opposite wall with the remote control in his hand.

He didn’t look at the man who had just walked in, although his skin flushed at the man’s presence. A reaction getting old fast since it started a few weeks ago when James first met Ethan at a party.

James should know better. He was in London for one purpose only—to forget the nightmare that was his life for a few days.

The plan was to spend the week knee-deep in the glorious nightlife that was Soho, to party, get wasted and get laid. Not in that particular order if he could help it.

Not that it mattered.

The only thing that mattered was the freedom of walking into bars and clubs where other men like him existed, where he didn't have to worry about the consequence or being condemned.

First though, he had to get rid of the bodyguard that had been assigned to him.

James hated that he had to travel with a minder, as if he wasn’t old enough to take care of himself. But after his cousin, the emir of Katsina, had invited members of the Danladi family to a meeting to discuss ways to validate James’s paternity, he had received a letter threatening his life.

So his brother had arranged for him to have a bodyguard.

James hadn’t wanted to worry Henry, or his wife, Gloria, especially since they’d recently found out that they were expecting a baby.

So here he was lumbered with one of the hottest men he’d ever set eyes upon who hovered around him like a shadow.

Think a bald-headed Omari Hardwick—big, buffed and so goddamned sexy, James’s mouth watered at just thinking about the man.

And having the man within touching distance made another part of him stir.

“I just want to work out my plans for the week so it fits with yours.” Ethan crossed the room, coming into James’s vision. He wore a grey long-sleeved t-shirt with three buttons upfront, black denim trousers and black Chelsea boots.

The sofa depressed as Ethan settled on it.

Why the hell did the man sit beside James? Granted, there weren’t too many other choices but there was a matching armchair in the corner Ethan could have deposited his tight buns.

Instead he had chosen to sit right next to James.

The result was that James’s fingers tingled with the need to squeeze Ethan’s bulging bicep muscles, stretching the fabric.

Such a freaking bad idea.

Because like Mr Hardwick, Ethan was hetero. James had proof. And there was no way he was getting tangled with another pussy lover in real life even if the man was the stuff of his fantasies.

This didn’t mean that he hated women.

Far from it. Some of his favourite people on the planet were women—his mother, his sister-in-law, his friends.

But after the man who had been his best friend and lover for the past few years turned coat and got engaged to a woman, and broke James’s heart in the process, James had vowed not to even look at another man who was remotely into women.

This led back to why he now sat on a settee right next to a man who made his pulse pound in his ears and his body thrum with need.

Copyright 2018 Kiru Taye


Did you enjoy the teaser? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Please add Bound to Liberty to your Goodreads TBR.

Don't forget to check out the fab writers participating in Mid Week Tease, thanks to Angelica Dawson.

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