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TEASER TUESDAY: Rough Diamond 2: Deal & Close #RomanticSuspense

Enjoy this teaser from the Rough Diamond duology, available now in ebook and paperback

Mason noticed the moment Benji moved from his position at the terrace exit with a grin on his face, disappearing into the stairwell. His second rarely smiled in public and only with a handful of people.

A devilish smile pulled at Mason’s lips because a quick analysis reduced the number to one. Two minutes later, that one person sashayed into the roof terrace.

Everything in Mason stood to attention, including his d!ck.

Madame Sophie, as she’d become known, commanded attention the minute she walked into a room. She wasn’t a freaking wallflower. Hell, no. She became the focus of every male gaze in the vicinity. And every other eye, to be fair.

Because even if they didn’t want to f*ck her, they would either be jealous of her or crave the sensuality she oozed from every pore.

She knew the power she wielded, her hips swaying seductively as she walked up to the bar and the server passed her a glass of champagne. She smiled, grabbed the flute, waited for a beat, swivelled, and headed out the exit.

A second later, Benji returned to his post, glanced in Mason’s direction and nodded.

He got the message. Sophie was here to see him.

She’d walked into the terrace to bait him. A queen move. No doubt.



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