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The Essiens are back! Presenting TAPPING UP #sportsromance

Updated: Feb 21

Readers tend to discover my stories via the Essien series. Many stay and explore the other book series that exist within the Kiru Taye Universe. Fans know that all my contemporary stories are interconnected and exist within one universe.

For example, you might see characters from one series showing up in another. Or locations in one being used in another.

Like, Kola (The Essiens) showing up in Bound to Ransom (Bound series) or Reams Restaurant (The Essiens) as a venue in Bound to Favor and Bound to Ransom. Ethan (Bound to Liberty) shows up in Freddie Entangled (The Essiens). The nightclub from the Ben & Selina Trilogy is also in His Captive Princess (Royal House of Saene). Kenny from the Ben & Selina Trilogy shows up in Saving Her Guard.

And so on and so forth.

This is to say that I will create more magical crossovers with my upcoming book releases.

First up, I’m about to fuse a bit of the old with something new. I’m travelling back to the series that started it all—the much-beloved Essien series. It’s been over ten years since the first book in the series was published and the next generation Essiens are ready to tell their stories.

I will also show you a taster of the upcoming Viva City FC series, which I introduced to you a few weeks ago. You can check out the website to see what it’s about.

Presenting my upcoming book, Tapping Up, a crossover novella between the Essien series and Viva City FC, starring Ranti and Mak. Ranti Edun is Freddie and Kike’s adoptive first child (Freddie Entangled/Untangled). She is a nurse who has recently moved to the UK to further her studies. And she is paired with Makuochi ‘Mak’ Phillips, a Nigerian (soccer) footballer who plays in the Italian League.

This novella is going to be FREE to read for my forum members over the coming weeks. So, if you haven’t joined my forum, visit to sign up.

Check out the mood board. The book cover and details are coming soon.



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