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The Essiens are gathered and expecting news this Christmas #Romance

Hello sweeties. It's finally here. The Essiens are gathered for Christmas. Chief and his wife have a surprise for the rest of the family. Are you ready to find out?

Here's an excerpt to get you started. <3

Felix’s family was the first to arrive. Angela heard Alex calling “Grandma!” before she saw him rush into the family room where she sat with Chief and leapt into her arms.

“Welcome, Alex.” She pulled him onto her lap before giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Look! Look at what I got for Christmas” Alex lifted the blue and white toy plane in his hand.

“That’s wonderful,” she said as Felix appeared at the door, carrying a baby seat with one of the twins.

“Go and say hello to Granddad,” she said as she lowered Alex to his feet.

“Merry Christmas, Mumsie,” Felix said as he hugged her with one arm.

“Merry Christmas, Felix and to you, Megan.” She cooed over the chubby little one smiling up at her. She differentiated the two identical six-month old sisters by the colours of their eyes. Megan had dark brown eyes while Pearl’s eyes were light brown. The names were derivatives of the name Margaret. Felix had named his daughters after his late biological mother.

Bisi, Felix’s longstanding housekeeping, walked in carrying the second baby seat. Right behind her was Ebony with the baby bags.

Bisi greeted them with a curtsy while Angela hugged Ebony. Then they unstrapped the babies from the seats so that Angela and Chief could fuss over their newest grandchildren.

Thirty minutes later, Tari and Kola arrived with ten-year old Nike. Nike was Kola’s daughter with his ex-girlfriend Sarah and the oldest Essien grandchild.

“How is married life treating both of you?” Angela asked after the hugs and kisses.

“Great,” Kola and Tari chorused, making everyone else laugh. They’d been married less than a month and had only been back from their honeymoon a week ago. Nike had stayed in Felix’s house while her parents had been away.

Soon Nike took Alex to play on the bouncy castle set up outside, while Bisi and Florence, her housekeeper, took the twins.

Surprisingly Tony and Rita arrived next along with Freddie. Tony was usually last to turn up although he lived one hundred yards from his parent’s house. Angela had told him to be on time otherwise he would miss the special announcement.

Freddie didn’t live with Tony anymore. He’d moved into one of the family estate apartments and was sharing with the other bodyguards, Tochi and Benson.

Mark arrived, finally, with Faith and their toddler Marcia. The little girl was so much like her father although sometimes she had such a determined expression like her mother.

Angela’s heart swelled seeing all the family gathered together and happy. She hoped they would be even happier when she made her revelation. She glanced at her husband who gave her a nod. Butterflies fluttering in her stomach, she excused herself and went upstairs.

What's the book about?

Title: A Very Essien Christmas

Author: Kiru Taye

Series: The Essiens #5

ISBN: 9781370104536

Release date: December 23, 2016


Catch up with the Essiens as they celebrate Christmas the very Essien way. Find out what's going on with Felix & Ebony, Mark & Faith, Tony & Rita, Kola & Tari as well as Chief & Mrs Essien. Also get a sneak peek into Freddie's love life and upcoming story.

As you've come to expect from the series, there will be some sexiness and surprises in this saga. Be ready for passion and romance in A Very Essien Christmas.

NOTE: This book is best read after the first 4 books in the series as it contains spoilers!

Where can I get a copy?

Available to buy for 99c/99p from HERE.

Add it to your Goodreads To-Read List

Haven't met the Essiens yet? What are you waiting for?

Pick up a copy of Book 1, Keeping Secrets which is FREE in eBook format across all retailers.

The Essiens and I wish you

a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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