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The Tainted Prince is here 😍 #RHOSaene #contemporaryromance

PSST... The Tainted Prince is LIVE.

The story of how the oldest Saene sibling fell in love is OUT in ebook.

Zawadi was a stubborn mf to write. He would only do things a certain way and you either took it or left it. But I have to say, I totally love this story although it's different from my usual. I hope you'll love it too.

For the excerpt, I've chosen a scene after a misunderstanding between Zawadi and Danai. Now, Zawadi has to grovel, a little. Enjoy.

He strode to where Ms Ruga stood, stretching her muscles, and stopped behind her. He kept his gaze averted so he didn’t have to stare at the damp clothes clinging to her body. He swallowed and cleared his throat.

“Ms Ruga, may I have your attention for a moment,” he said.

“I’m listening,” she said but didn’t turn around.

His spine stiffened at her rebuff, and annoyance rose within him. She was rude again.

“Turn around,” he commanded in a sharp tone.

“No. This is my day off. You don’t have the right to order me to do anything today.” She carried on with her stretches, ignoring him.

Damn. Her stubbornness was both alluring and annoying at the same time.

He puffed out a sigh. She was right, though. This was her personal time.

And he needed her more than she needed him right now.

“I’m sorry for accusing you falsely,” he said in a calm tone, hoping to pacify her. “I hope you will accept our invitation to join our rugby sevens’ team. If you wish to be part of the team, be out on the sports field in thirty minutes for today’s training session.”

He wouldn’t beg. The ball was in her court now. He swivelled, ready to walk away.

“Thirty minutes!” She jerked around, facing him. “I’ve just had a workout. I need to rest.”

Now, he had her attention. She looked flustered for the first time today. He could barely hide the amusement curling the corner of his lips. He could play hardball too.

“I’m the captain,” he said without amusement. “If you want to be part of my team, you will train with the team. So be out there in thirty minutes.”

Her mouth hung open in a shocked expression as he turned and walked away.

His brothers barely contained their chuckles.

“You two better be out there in thirty minutes as well. There will be no slackers in my team,” he said to them as he left the gymnasium, their laughter ringing behind him.

A smile broke on his lips when he stepped out into the sunshine. Excitement fluttered in his gut too.

It would be an interesting training day.



Crown Prince Zawadi has prepared for one thing all his life—to become the next king of Bagumi Kingdom. Driven by the need to uphold the traditions and the prestigious name of the Royal House of Saene, he strives to balance culture and technology in building a better nation. Until his perfect world becomes tainted by an assassination attempt and a woman who goes against everything he believes.



(Click the link and order the book and it will be in your eReader/app when the book is live. Sorry. The distributor messed up the dates again. Really need to find a new one)

Paperback links are coming soon.



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