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This was not going to be her night #LAPLoveNotes @KiruTaye #Romance

Welcome back to #LAPLoveNotes where writers share teasers from the work-in-progress or published stories. Are you a writer and want to join in the fun, add the link to your post HERE.

This week's teaser is taken from Bound to Favor, Bound series Book 4.

Someone dropped cutlery on a table to her right, jarring Ebun into moving. She glanced towards the corridor. Could she get to it in time before her boss spotted her? She would wait there until the men had dispersed from the foyer.

She took another look in Kamali’s direction.

Too late.

Their gazes connected, his eyes a piercing cognac colour that reminded her of her father’s favourite drink from years ago. Her breath caught and a lump lodged in her throat, old sentiments rising.

This wasn’t going to be her night.

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