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READ ME - Welcome to His Captive Princess Preview

Updated: May 27, 2019

Hello, sweeties!

If you can see this, then you now have exclusive access to my blog for the next couple of weeks until His Captive Princess is officially released.

Before I start posting the chapters, I wanted to lay some ground rules.

I am sharing the preview with you to show my appreciation for your continued support and of course, because I love teasing you too. LOL

So PLEASE DO NOT copy any part of it or post it anywhere online or elsewhere.

If you'd like your friends to read the preview, please share the link to my blog for them to sign up too. Here is the link:

Last but not least, feel free to comment on each chapter. I love reading your comments and feedbacks. And if I get a lot of requests, I might post more than four chapters.

So definitely let me know what you think.

That's it.

Thanks again for being here. I hope you enjoy Isha's and Zain's story.

Each chapter will be accompanied by a youtube soundtrack, which you can listen to if you wish.

PS: I forgot to mention. If you want to know as soon as the chapters are posted, you should subscribe to the blog notifications by going to the settings in your profile (top right corner of the page) and subscribe to get emails for each new post.



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