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When had he ever been this close to losing it with anybody? #SexySnippets #AARomance

Welcome back to Sexy Snippets, which now has a new home over at thanks to the lovely Doris O'Connor. If you've been thinking of joining in, then please do. Just visit the link above and add the link to your post to the linky list.

I have another sexy snippet from Kola. The scene is self-explanatory. Enjoy.

Her palm settled on his thigh under the table. His amusement died. He had to clench his teeth to stop himself from groaning at the heat he felt straight at his groin. If she carried on with this, he’d be eating her on the kitchen table instead of the pasta he’d prepared.

When had he ever been this close to losing it with anybody? Never!

So why did this woman push his buttons and get a response out of him?

He didn’t have time to analyse the thought as she drew slow circles on his thigh with the tip of her fingers, sending more brain-frazzling signals to his groin. His jeans felt very tight, his cock throbbing painfully in the enclosed space.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

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