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Why couldn’t he stop thinking about her? #MidWeekTease #RHOSaene #Romance

Edits came back from editor on His Captive Princess. I have loose ends to tidy and Isha's POV to tighten. So #amediting.

And of course, I have to tease you lot. It's mid-week, after all. Enjoy 😃❤️ *** *** Zain’s smile wavered as he strode down the hallway. Light filled the space, coming through the bay windows at the end. His plans had been activated. Isha was here, in his house. He should be happy. But being in close proximity to her had reawakened old feelings. Feelings he’d thought he’d buried years ago. It didn’t help that she proved reluctant to acknowledge their shared past. He shoved the door to his study and walked in, letting it swing shut before he leaned against it. Sucking in a deep breath, he closed his eyes. It didn’t help that he remembered the beat of her heart and the warmth of her skin. He yearned to have her back in his arms, so he could kiss her until she became out of breath. So he could lick and taste every inch and crevice of her delicious, naked body, from delicate neck to full breasts, from her sensitive earlobes to the broad sweep of her hips, from the dip of her belly button to her smooth, slender legs. He let out a long groan as his body reacted to the fantasy. Why couldn’t he stop thinking about her? Ten years, and Isha still held sway over his thoughts and his body. Made him feel young and reckless. He let out a bark of laughter as he opened his eyes and walked to the balcony. At almost forty years old, he’d left his youth behind and could not afford to be reckless. He should be preparing for a meeting. Instead, he was thinking about a woman when the lives of so many depended on him.



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